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Friends 'n Family
And the top spot goes to... Mom! (on a rainy but photogenic Vancouver day). The woman who's indirectly responsible for all this silliness you're currently experiencing. During our uncharacteristically snowy Christmas of '96, here's what my car looked like.
With my buddy Brian at the Star Trek Science exhibit, circa 1994. The best available picture of my good friend Shannon, taken on a weekend jaunt to Seattle. (She's a bit camera shy.)
Here I am with my buddy Carolynn, on the day I had the use of a festively decorated "new" Volkswagen Bug.

Mr. Dress-Up
Portrait of a Mascot - A 4-part photo essay of my Sunrise Soyboy experience.
 Serf's up! At the Renaissance Faire in Northern California (circa 1991).
 Cigarette in hand, fedora at a rakish angle, I strike a Sinatra-like pose at the Cambie Hotel Pub. No, I don't normally smoke and drink in dingy bars...
 Groovy Baby! For Halloween '97 I transformed myself into the swingin'est cat alive, Austin Powers. Here I meet... a female Austin!
 Halloween 1992, featuring Waldo (Me), The Witch (Mom), and The Pirate (Brian)!
 A composite of me in my homemade "Ghostbuster" costume (complete with flashing backpack!) and the actual GB firestation which I visited on my NYC trip.
 Sporting leather jacket & shades - my brief fling with the grunge look.
On The Road
1993: In front of the "Seinfeld" diner in NYC (actually Tom's Restaurant and the inspiration for the Suzanne Vega song, "Tom's Diner"). Weekend in Seattle 1: In front of the Pike Place Market (sporting my brand new fedora!) Weekend in Seattle 2: Outside Ruby Montana's Pinto Pony, a wacky and wonderful store filled with kitschy novelties and 50's furniture!

Gallery of Randomness
The view from my living room window - presented in the exciting, experimental format of Scroll-O-Vision!