Index of Section 3: Frequently Asked Questions

About the film "Heavenly Creatures"

The Riepers
The Hulmes
Accents and social status
Imaginary characters
Authority figures
Lodgers and lovers
School characters


The Riepers' home - 31 Gloucester St
The Hulmes' home - Ilam
Diaries, letters and fiction
Arts and crafts

The relationship between Pauline & Juliet

The "Fourth World."
Foreshadowing and allusion
Religious themes and death

Fantasies, images, dreams and symbols

The murder
The aftermath (Prologue)
Good, evil, blame, conscience and love
The music and soundtrack
Mario Lanza
References to books, films, TV and Hollywood
Settings and locations
Making the film
Technical aspects and special effects
Favorite things and highlights
Release information
Miscellaneous questions

About the real people

Real people missing from the film
Parker, Rosemary and Templeton Farm