Special Effects; Music

5.5 Special Effects

[Mir,aa] The incredible special effects in the film were handled by WETA Limited, the most comprehensive special effects house in the southern hemisphere. The "Borovnian" characters sequences were supervised by Richard Taylor while the digital effects were supervised by George Port. Richard and his team constructed over seventy full-sized, latex costumes to represent the "Borovnian" crowds--plasticine figures that inhabit Pauline and Juliet's magical fantasy world. "Heavenly Creatures" contains over thirty shots that were digitally manipulated ranging from the morphing garden of the "Fourth World," to castles in fields, to the "Orson Welles" sequences.

5.6 Music

[Mir,aa,lfr] Jackson contacted a previous collaborator, music composer Peter Dasent, a Sydney-based New Zealander to compose the musical score for "Heavenly Creatures." Dasent had scored two of Jackson's prior films, "Dead Alive" and "Meet the Feebles". He composed a lush, beautiful and haunting orchestral score and supervised its recording with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, as conducted by Peter Scholes.

The choral performance of "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" used in the film was an arrangement by Rosemary Turnball, and featured the choirs of Burnside High School, Cashmere High School, Hagley Community College and Villa Maria College, all 'local' talent. Unfortunately, it is the only piece featured in the film that is not on the soundtrack.

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