5.8 Press articles about "Heavenly Creatures."

New Zealand Film, 52, 2-3 (1994). [jb]
"Major prize at Venice for Jackson's fourth feature"
Looks at the success of 'Heavenly Creatures' by Peter Jackson at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, and previews its NZ release.

Atkinson, Michael.
Film Comment, v31 n3 May-June 1995, p. 31. [mk,jp]
"Earthly Creatures."
Profile of Peter Jackson.

Brainard, Dulcy.
Publisher's Weekly, v242, n13, March 27, 1995, p. 64. [jp]
"Anne Perry: 'A structure in which to grow'."
Discusses Perry, NAm book tour and impact of her association with "Heavenly Creatures" on her writing.

Bruzzi, Stella.
Sight and Sound, v5, n2, Feb. 1995, p. 45. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Calder, Peter.
New Zealand Herald, Oct. 14, 1994. p. 2. [jb]
"Heaven sent" Discusses 'Heavenly Creatures' with the director.

Conway, Matt.
Sunday Star Times, June 19, 1994, p. C10. [jb]
"Infamous 'moider' in movie spotlight"
Backgrounds the P.J. film "Heavenly Creatures' about the Parker-Hulme murder.

Corliss, Richard.
Time, Nov. 21, 1994. v144, n21, p. 110. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Cubey, Mark.
Listener, 145(2844), p. 43 (1994). [jb]
"Fantastic life."
Reviews 'Heavenly Creatures' by Peter Jackson.

Doole, Kerry.
Onfilm, 11(9), 6 (1994). [jb]
"Kiwi flix flex pecs for Yanks"
Looks at the success of 'Once were warriors' and 'Heavenly Creatures' at film festivals in Canada.

Grant, Barry.
New Zealand J. of Media Studies, 1(2), 28-30 (1994). [jb]
"Heavenly Creatures"
Reviews 'Heavenly Creatures' directed by Peter Jackson. Mentions recent success of NZ films in North America.

Groves, Don.
Variety, v358, n1, Feb 6, 1995, p. 11. [jp]
"Kiwi pix grab H'wood's eye."

Hruska, Bronwen.
Los Angeles Times, Sat. Feb. 18, 1995. F4, col.1. [lfr]
"'Creatures' Protagonist Denies Criticizing Film."

Johnson, Brian D.
Maclean's, Jan. 30, 1995. v108, n5, p. 86. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Johnson, Stephanie.
Quote Unquote, 16, 34 (1994). [jb]
"Barking dogs"
Reviews 'Heavenly Creatures'.

Kennedy, Harlan.
Film Comment, v30, n6, Nov-Dec 1994, p. 64. [jp]
"Venice." (Venice Film Festival)
Reviews Venice F.F. and impact of "Heavenly Creatures."

Levy, Emanuel.
Advocate, Nov. 29, 1994. n669 p. 72. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Maslin, Janet.
New York Times, Wed. Nov. 16, 1994. v144 B3(N), C17(L), col.3.
"Fantasies and a Forbidden Love That Turned 2 Girls Into Murderers" [jp]

Morris, Roderick Conway.
Times Literary Supplement, n4772, Sept. 16, 1994, p. 17 [jp]
"Psychos and holy fools (Venice Film Festival)"

Murray, Ron.
Onfilm, 11(7), 13 (1994). [jb]
"Arcane arts of the WETA"
Decribes the work of Wingnut Effects & Technical Allusions Ltd., or WETA, designing special effects for film. Looks at their work on the Peter Jackson feature 'Heavenly Creatures'.

O'Brien, Geraldine.
New York Times, Sun. Nov. 13, 1994. v144 H15(N), H15(L), col.1.
"From New Zealand, Heavenly Murderous Creatures." [jp]

Petrovic, Hans.
The Press, Oct. 15, 1994. p. 25. [jb]
"Curtain of uncertainty"
Backgrounds 'Heavenly Creatures', directed by Peter Jackson.

Philp, Matt.
Evening Post, Oct. 13, 1994. p. 25 [jb]
"Deadly Delusions"
Talks to Peter Jackson about his film "Heavenly Creatures," in which the girls' riotous imaginations and the fantasy world they built up are emphasized as significant factors leading to the murder of Pauline's mother.

Powers, John.
Vogue, Dec. 1994. v184, n12, p. 176. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Pryor, Ian.
Listener, 145(2844), 38-39 (1994). [jb]
"Truly devoted"
Talks to the lead actors (Winslet, Kate [London]; Lynskey, Melanie [New Plymouth]) about their roles in 'Heavenly Creatures'.

Rafferty, Terrence.
New Yorker, Nov. 21, 1994. v70, n38, p. 131. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Reid, Nicholas.
North and South, 103, 152 (1994). [jb]
"Heavenly Jackson" (review)

Ribeiro, Luisa F.
Film Quarterly, Fall 1995 (in press). [lfr]
"Angels Sinned First: Reaching for the Sublime in Heavenly Creatures"
Scholarly analysis of themes in the film, emphasizing the role of the soundtrack, and discussing the unconventional portrayal of feminine characters by Jackson and Walsh.

Romney, Jonathan.
New Statesman and Society, Feb. 10, 1995, v8, n339, p. 39. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Salamon, Julie.
Wall Street Journal, Thur. Dec. 8, 1994. A14(W), A16(E), col.3.
"Heavenly Creatures" (review) [jp]

Smith, Charmian.
Otago Daily Times, October 27, 1994, p. 23. [jb]
"Girls' imaginative world film's focus."
Actor Simon O'Connor talks about his role in 'Heavenly Creatures'.

Sterritt, David.
Christian Science Monitor, Tue. Nov. 29, 1994. v87 14, col.2.
"Heavenly Creatures" (review) [jp]

Swain, Pauline.
Dominion, Sept. 21, 1994, p. 11. [jb]
"In on the act of murder"
Talks to the actors Melanie Lynskey and Sarah Pierse (sic) about their roles in 'Heavenly Creatures'.

Travers, Peter.
Rolling Stone, Nov. 3, 1994. n694 p. 104-6. [jp]
"Heavenly Creatures" (review)

Wakefield, Philip.
Evening Post, June 25, 1994, p. 11. [jb]
"Heavenly coup for Capital festival"
Presents some of the highlights, including the world premiere of Peter Jackson's 'Heavenly Creatures', from the 23rd Wellington Film Festival to be held in July.

Watson, Chris.
New Zealand J. of Media Studies, 1(2), 14-27 (1994). [jb]
"If Michel Foucault had seen Peter Jackson's 'Heavenly Creatures'."
Analyses 'Heavenly Creatures' directed by Peter Jackson in terms of the theories of Michel Foucault. Looks at how the film portrays power exercised through the control of sexuality by the middle classes. Focusses on control of female sexuality through medicalisation and characterisation of madness.
[I would really like to get a copy of this one. jp]

Weintraub, Bernard.
New York Times, Thur. Nov. 24, 1994. v144 B1(N), C11(L), col.4.
"Making a film from the horror of a mother's brutal murder." [jp]

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