6.2 Other films dealing with murderous children

There may be spoilers (or surprises) involved in identifying these films, of course, but here are some films that at least make reference to the theme of children who may (or may not) be murderers:


"The Bad Seed"                "A High Wind in Jamaica"
"Lord of the Flies"           "Whistle Down the Wind"
"The Little Girl Who Lived    "The Sailor Who Fell From
     Down the Lane"                Grace From The Sea"
"The Good Son"                "River's Edge"
"Don't Go To Sleep"           "Servants of Twilight"        
"Heathers"                    "The Prince of Tides"         
"Twisted"                     "Bad Boys"
"Who Slew Auntie Roo?"        "Romeo and Juliet"
"West Side Story"             "The Quick and the Dead"
"Natural Born Killers"        "Crush"
"Fortress"                    "Salaam Bombay"
"Pretty Poison"               "Clockwork Orange"
"Celia"                       "A Little Game"
"The Cowboys"                 "Hornet's Nest"
"The Wizard of Oz"            "Little Sweetheart"
                               (Poison Candy)
"Child Murders" (93, Hun)     "Early Frost" (84, Australia)
"Flowers in the Attic"        "The Innocents"
"Fun" (94, Zelinsky)          "Compulsion" (59)
"Rope"                        "Swoon" (92)

Science Fiction

"A Boy and His Dog"           "Barbarella"
"Village of the Damned"       "Children of the Damned"
"Flatliners"                  "The Road Warrior" (Mad Max 2)


"Pet Sematary"                "Children of the Corn" 1&2
"Bloody Birthday"             "Interview With the Vampire"
"Dead Again"                  "The Omen" I&II
"Creepers"                    "Don't Look Now"
"Mikey"                       "The Other"
"The Exorcist"                "Night of the Living Dead"
"Dawn of the Dead"            "It's Alive"
"It Lives Again"              "Carrie"
"Prom Night" 1-4              "The Brood"
"Halloween"                   "The Devil Times Five"
"Vamp"                        "Near Dark"
"Salem's Lot"                 "Phantasm 3"
"The Mutilator"               "Nightmare"
"Twilight Zone - The Movie"   "Dead Alive"
"Summer Camp Nightmare"       "Twitch of the Death Nerve"
"The Children"

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