7.3.1-7.3.2 Timeline of important events.



For me, there are two extremely interesting things about the time line: the first is the spread of important time scales-- Herbert Rieper was born more than a century ago and yet, in places, it is important to know and distinguish between minutes, or pieces of minutes--and, second, is the the way that the continuity and interconnectedness of events becomes apparent and even emphasized when they are presented in this artificially- discrete format. Many entries here are open to debate and few are carved in stone, but I believe this is the most complete time line available, and I feel it is a valuable tool for trying to understand the "Parker Hulme" case. Debate, additions and corrections are welcomed. [jp]

7.3.1 Timeline of important events.

Part 1 of 2


     [*] = event depicted in "Heavenly Creatures."

..........Start date.
|         Denotes official NZ school (& College) holiday period.
|..............End date.

1873, June 16.
          *Canterbury University College founded, Christchurch,
          NZ. Campus to be located on Worcester Blvd, three
          blocks west of Cathedral Square, the heart of

          *Christchurch Girls' High School founded, under control
          of Canterbury University College, Christchurch, NZ.

          *Helen Connon (b Melbourne 1860, d 1903 Christchurch)
          becomes the first woman to graduate (BA) from
          Canterbury University College, Christchurch, NZ. The
          following year she obtains her MA degree (1st Class
          Honours) in English and Latin. An assistant mistress at
          Christchurch Girls' High School during this period
          (1878-1883). "No University was ever more fortunate in
          its first woman student than Canterbury College. Her
          combination of scholarship and dignity (and her beauty
          as well) placed a seal on the vocation of student for
          other young women, and evoked a tradition of chivalry
          among the men students." ["History of the University of
          Canterbury," WJ Gardner et al., p. 156.]

          *Christchurch Girls' High School moves to Cranmer
          Square site, two blocks north of Canterbury University
          College, Christchurch, NZ. Gloucester St lies between
          CUC and CGHS.

          *Helen Connon becomes an extremely influential and
          popular headmistress of Christchurch Girls' High School
          (1883-94) and establishes a scholarly tradition which
          encourages CGHS girls to seek degrees and prepares them
          for the academic rigors of University. CGHS assumes its
          role as a major 'feeder' school to CUC of qualified
          matriculated students. By 1885 enrollment of women at
          Canterbury College has risen to about 100. In 1893
          women outnumber men, 176 to 164, although women
          students are still treated in an extremely patronizing
          manner, by admission of CUC historians.

1894, Oct. 22.
          *Herbert Detlev Rieper born to Claude Detlev Rieper
          (shop assistant, German origin) and Katie Thurza
          Stubbings, Strahan, Tasmania. [sb, G&L]

1908, Aug. 9.
          *Henry Rainsford Hulme born to James Rainsford Hulme
          and Alice Jane Smith in Southport, England.

          *Honora Mary Parker born to Robert William Parker
          (chartered accountant) and Amy Lilian Parker (aka
          'Nana' Parker), Birmingham, England. [sb,G&L]

          *HD Rieper (aged 16) moves to New Zealand. [sb,G&L]

          *Hilda Marion Reavley (later Hulme, later Perry) born
          to Rev J Reavley (Anglican clergyman) and spouse ?
          [note: in or near Liverpool?? jp].

          *WW I begins.

          *HD Rieper (aged 19) joins NZ army, eventually
          stationed in Cairo, Egypt. [G&L]

          *HD Rieper (aged 21) marries Louise McArthur (ne
          Mackrie, a divorced Englishwoman born in India, aged
          34), Cairo, Egypt. [sb]

          *WW I ends on Armistice Day Nov. 11, 1918.

          *HD Rieper (aged 23) and Louise Rieper return to
          Napier, NZ, located on the east coast of the North
          Island, on Hawke's Bay. [sb,G&L]

          *1st child of HD Rieper (aged 24) and Louise Rieper
          (aged 37) born, Napier, NZ. [sb,G&L]

          *HD Rieper (aged 27, bookkeeper) and Louise Rieper
          (aged 40) move to Raetihi, NZ, a small town located in
          the central North Island in a region known for skiing
          and market garden agriculture. [sb,G&L,lw,maw]

          *2nd child of HD Rieper (aged 29) and Louise Rieper
          (aged 43) born, Raetihi, NZ. [sb,G&L]

          *HM Parker (aged 18) emigrates to New Zealand. She
          eventually works for the same firm as HD Rieper in
          Raetihi, NZ, where the two meet. [sb,G&L]

          *HR Hulme graduates with BA (Math Tripos), Gonville and
          Caius College, Cambridge, UK. He begins study for the
          PhD degree at Cambridge, UK. Smiths' Prizeman, 1931.

1929-1931 (sometime in this period--probably early)
          *HM Parker (aged 20-22) and HD Rieper (aged 35-37)
          begin living together in Raetihi, NZ. HD Rieper and
          Louise Rieper never divorce, so HM Parker and HD Rieper
          can never marry. HD Rieper pays some support to his
          former family but apparently has no further contact
          with them. [G&L]

          *HR Hulme graduates with MA, PhD from Gonville and
          Caius College, Cambridge, UK.

          *Dr HR Hulme becomes Fellow, Gonville and Caius
          College, Cambridge, UK (1933-38). Travels to Leipzig,
          Germany [note: for post-doctoral study? jp] around this

          *HM Parker (aged 27) and HD Rieper (aged 42) move to a
          house in Mathesons Rd in the Phillipstown area of
          Christchurch, NZ. Christchurch is located on the east
          coast of the South Island at Pegasus Bay. Mathesons Rd
          is in a modest residential neighbourhood 2 km east of
          Cathedral Square, near Lancaster Park. HD Rieper
          eventually works as manager of Dennis Brothers Fish
          Supply nearby on east Hereford St. [sb,G&L,lw]

          *1st child, male, "blue baby," (cardio-pulmonary birth
          defects) born to HM Parker (aged 27) and HD Rieper
          (aged 42) in Christchurch, NZ. He dies soon after
          birth. [sb,G&L]

          *Dr HR Hulme becomes lecturer in mathematics,
          University of Liverpool, UK. [note: I believe Dr HR
          Hulme meets Hilda Marion Reavley around this time. jp]

1937, Mar.
          *Wendy Patricia Parker born to HM Parker (aged 28) and
          HD Rieper (aged 42), Christchurch, NZ.

1937, June
          *HM Reavley and Dr HR Hulme marry [note: in Liverpool?
          jp]. [G&L]

          *Dr HR Hulme assumes position of Chief Assistant at the
          Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London, UK. Dr HR Hulme
          and HM Hulme move to Greenwich (London suburb east of
          City on south shore of Thames). The Royal Observatory
          is located on a hill overlooking the Thames river
          valley. This is the location of the Greenwich Meridian,
          reference 'zero' for all lines of longitude, and time
          standards of the day. The Naval Academy is nearby,
          downhill on the Thames.

1938, May 26.
          *Pauline Yvonne Parker born to HM Parker (aged 29) and
          HD Rieper (aged 43) in Christchurch, NZ.

1938, Oct. 28.
          *Juliet Marion Hulme born to HM Hulme (aged 26) and Dr
          HR Hulme (aged 30), Greenwich, London, UK.

          *War declared. WW II begins.

          *Dr HR Hulme goes on loan to the British Admiralty for
          the duration of the War.

          *JMH (aged 2) suffers 'bomb shock' [psychological
          trauma] in the London blitz when she is caught out in
          bombing during an air raid with her mother. Screaming
          nightmares and insomnia for many weeks.

          *JMH (aged 3) is bathed by her father, Dr HR Hulme (see
 in Greenwich, London, UK.

     [*]  *PYP (aged 5) hospitalized with severe osteomyelitis
          for 9 months. Life-threatening in acute stage; extreme
          pain, borne bravely, and surgery. Results in permanent
          physical disability and chronic discomfort and pain as
          a child. PYP will take painkillers as needed throughout
          childhood and adolescence. PYP's first memory.

1944, Mar. 22.
          *Jonathon Hulme born (in Greenwich?) to HM Hulme (aged
          32) and Dr HR Hulme (aged 35). HM Hulme had serious
          post-partum medical problems and is hospitalized for an
          extended period. She testifies this situation was
          traumatic to JMH because she was "too ill to be visited
          in the nursing home." Would not have been statistically
          uncommon (esp. given the times) for HM Hulme to have
          had serious post-partum depression in addition to any
          physiological problems [note: Wording of some of HM
          Hulme's testimony leads me to speculate this may have
          been the case. jp].

1944, Aug.
          *Dr HR Hulme travels to America on War work. JMH is
          probably sent away to live in Liverpool at this time
          and probably attends school there. HM Hulme testified
          JMH separated from her "due to war conditions and her

1944 (winter)
          *JMH (aged 6) contracts bronchitis and then near-fatal
          pneumonia in UK. Withdrawn from school. Remains ill for
          2 years, absent from school during this time.

          *PYP (aged 7) undergoes second painful operation to
          drain infection from leg.

          *Dr HR Hulme becomes Director of Naval Operational

          *VE Day ends WW II in Europe. VJ Day ends the War in
          the Pacific.

          *HD Rieper and HM Parker buy house at 31 Gloucester St,
          Christchurch, NZ, registered in HM Parker's name as
          "wife of Herbert Rieper." The house abuts CGHS at the
          rear and lies between CGHS and CUC, one block to the
          south. The CUC School of Fine Arts is located at 'Ross
          House,' a couple of houses east of Riepers on
          Gloucester at corner of Montreal St. There is a
          cerebral palsy school across the street from the
          Riepers' home, in a large converted house at 28
          Gloucester St.

          *Dr HR Hulme becomes Scientific Adviser to the Air
          Ministry, London, UK.

          *JMH (aged 8) contracts severe pneumonia in UK.

1946, Nov. (probably)
     [*]  *JMH (aged 8) sent alone to Bahamas by her parents on
          medical advice, for her health. Lives with another
          family for 13 months. Schooling unknown during this

1947, May 30.
          *Advertisement placed for position of full-time Rector,
          Canterbury University College, Christchurch, NZ in "the
          press of those countries of the Commonwealth peopled by
          British stock: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South
          Africa and the United Kingdom." ["A History of UC..."]

1947, Nov. 18.
          *Universities Bureau of the British Empire forwards
          recommendation of Dr HR Hulme for the position of
          Rector, CUC, to the University of New Zealand for

1947, Nov. 23 (approx.).
          *Dr HR Hulme offered the position of Rector, Canterbury
          University College, Christchurch, NZ.

1947, Dec. (probably)
          *JMH (aged 9) sent to Bay of Islands, NZ, a historic
          location and popular holiday spot on the east coast of
          the northern tip of the North Island, to stay with
          another family. Schooling unknown during this period.

          *Dr HR Hulme honoured by award of DSc degree, Cambridge
          University, UK.

          *JMH (aged 10) sent to a sanatorium in North Island, NZ
          due to 'breakdown of health'. Evidence presented during
          trial that JMH has been traumatized by the accumulation
          of repeated separations from her family by this time.

1948, Feb. 19.
          *Christchurch Marriage Guidance Council formed.
          Modelled on the British Marriage Guidance Council,
          considered a daring and progressive organization. HM
          Hulme will join in 1949 and became a prominent member
          and counsellor. Others she will meet through the
          Council include: Dean AK Warren, Anglican Bishop of
          Christchurch, Dr Mel Aitken, Dr M Bevan-Brown
          (psychiatrist who would write on the case later), Dr
          Eleanor Mears, Rex Abernethy (magistrate who later
          presided over PYP's arraignment on charge of murder)
          and Dr FO Bennett (GP who examined PYP, then later both
          PYP and JMH, testifying at trial).[G&L]

1948, Oct. 16 (Sat).
          *HM Hulme (aged 36) & Dr HR Hulme (aged 40) arrive with
          Jonathon (aged 4) in Christchurch, New Zealand, joined
          by JMH (aged 9), who is described by HM Hulme during
          the trial as extremely clinging and dependent on HM
          Hulme and difficult to discipline, after being reunited
          with her family. Location of residence unknown, but
          probably in Riccarton, Fendalton or Merivale areas just
          west/north of Hagley Park.

          *Dr HR Hulme (aged 40) assumes post of Rector,
          Canterbury University College, Christchurch, NZ.

1949, Jan.
          *Dr HR Hulme votes logically, with his conscience,
          against rescinding the decision already made in the
          prior August by University Senate not to establish
          School of Forestry at CUC. This vote at a University
          Senate meeting was one of his first acts as Rector of
          CUC. This was a critical political blunder, viewed as
          unforgiveable disloyalty by the two governing bodies at
          CUC [note: Dr Hulme's vote would not have swung the
          decision either way, according to the numbers. jp]. Dr
          HR Hulme's tenure as Rector of CUC is irreversibly
          marred by this irrelevant vote. Later, the School of
          Forestry is moved to CUC anyway.

1949, end of January (probably).
          *JMH (aged 11), "in poor health," (according to HM
          Hulme's testimony) is sent away to private boarding
          school ("Queenswood" according to Jackson) in Hastings,
          NZ, located on the east coast of the North Island, on
          The Hawke's Bay. Severely unhappy there, she returns to
          her family within the year. Schooling for the remainder
          of 1949 is probably by private tutor.

          *In NZ the Labour Government (14-year tenure) is voted
          out of office and replaced by more conservative
          National Government. Beginning of extreme fiscal
          austerity for CUC and "probably one of the most
          depressing times the College passed through ['50-52]".
          ["A History of..."]

1949, Mar.
          *Rosemary Parker born with Downs' Syndrome to HM Parker
          (aged 40) and HD Rieper (aged 54) in Christchurch, NZ.

1949, Nov.
          *Dr HR Hulme's private, offhand remarks about a CUC
          Council member, made earlier in Wellington, NZ, at a
          Senate meeting, are discussed in Christchurch as being
          "disloyal to the Council" in one of its meetings. Dr HR
          Hulme will learn over and again that gossip travels far
          and fast in his new home and there are no secrets, and
          nothing is too trivial for intense scrutiny and
          critical discussion.

1949, Dec.
          *CUC School of Fine Art moved to Ilam site. This will
          be the only CUC presence at the site for years; most
          Fine Arts students are women. School located near Ilam
          homestead and adjacent to farmland and horse paddocks
          (probably the ones used secretly by PYP and JMH in late
          '52 and into early '53 for midnight, full-tilt
          galloping rides by moonlight [see G&L]).

          *NZ sends small force to Korea to support UN forces.

          *Dr HR Hulme moves his family to the Ilam homestead as
          a political statement of support for plan to relocate
          CUC to a new campus at Ilam.

          *JMH attends Ilam School, across Ilam Rd from Ilam
          homestead and "is happy there" according to HM Hulme.
          Probably attends Ilam School for 1950 (aged 11-12) and
          1951 (aged 12-13).

1950, Sept. 9.
          *Ross House site that was vacated by CUC School of Fine
          Art lost by CUC to CGHS--it is torn down, paved over
          and tennis courts are built for CGHS. (see

          *The Colombo Plan started. Ceylonese students begin
          educational exchange program at U of NZ campuses,
          especially CUC, which takes up to about 10 annually.

          *Rosemary Parker institutionalized at age 2 at
          Templeton Hospital Farm, located outside Christchurch
          about 20 km west of the Rieper's home. HD Rieper
          testified Rosemary was visited regularly and taken home
          occasionally; the #25 bus went from Cathedral Square to
          Templeton Hospital. PYP was said to be very fond of
          Rosemary. Templeton Hospital located near Paparua
          Prison. [note: See Medlicott states Rosemary
          was aged 3 at the time of her institutionalization, and
          date this one year later. jp]

          *Cerebral Palsy School at 28 Gloucester St closed when
          CUC Dept of Education takes over the house. Is there a
          connection with institutionalization of Rosemary?

1952, after week of Feb. 2 (beginning of school) [Third Form]
     [*]  *JMH (aged 13) arrives @ Christchurch Girls' High
          School (CGHS), late. Evidence JMH was enrolled briefly
          at private Anglican Girls' School (St Margaret's,
          located north of Hagley Park, 3 km from Ilam). HM Hulme
          explains in testimony her decision to send JMH to CGHS
          as being due to JMH's high IQ, more suited to the
          stimulation of a larger, diverse public school
          environment. HM Hulme is a member of the Board of
          Governors of CGHS and Dr HR Hulme works two blocks away
          from CGHS--these may also have been important factors.
          PYP (aged 13) is already a new student at CGHS in the
          top academic stream, Form IIIA.

1952, Feb. 6.
          *Death of King George VI. Princess Elizabeth abroad in
          Kenya (in the 'Treetops,') returns home to succeed to
          the Crown next day, declared Sovereign on Feb. 8.
          Coronation plans begin soon after, date announced on
          April 29. The British Commonwealth begins to gear up to
          change and, in the end, celebration of the beginning of
          Elizabeth's reign.

1952, May 4 (Sun).
               First Term [Third Form] ends.
..........May holidays begin.
1952, May 5 (Mon) - 10 (Sat).
|         *CUC "Capping Festival Week" -- traditionally a wild
|         and boisterous time is had, very publicly, by all...
1952, May 19 (Mon).
|..............May Holiday ends.
          Second Term [Third Form] begins.
          *HM Hulme testified during trial that the friendship
          between JMH and PYP begins in earnest in the Second
          Term of Third Form.

1952, May 26 (Mon).
          *PYP 14th birthday.

1952, June (approx).
          *JMH tells HM Hulme: "Mummy, I've met someone at last
          with a will as strong as my own." This is PYP.

1952, Aug. 17 (Sun).
               Second Term [Third Form] ends.
..........August holidays begin.
1952, August.
|    [*]  *PYP and JMH bicycle ride and ecstatic disrobing.
|         PYP states to Medlicott that before this, she & JMH had
|         just been friends, but after this there was an
|         indissoluble bond between them.
1952, Sept. 8 (Mon).
|..............August Holidays end.
          Third Term [Third Form] begins.

1952, Oct. 28 (Tues).
          *JMH 14th birthday.

1952, Nov. 1 (Sat).
          *The United States explodes the first thermonuclear
          Hydrogen-bomb in an above-ground test at Eniwetok
          Atoll, in the South Pacific. Cold War escalates.

1952, Dec.
          *CUC Graduation ceremonies are wild: PA system
          sabotaged, Dr HR Hulme's speech drowned out, Bishop
          Warren butt of practical joke with a halo lowered over
          his head, goat brought out for a diploma. Note Warren's
          participation--and Anglican Church, by extension.

1952, Dec. 21 (Sun).
               Third Term ends [End of Third Form].
..........Summer holidays begin. (remember how good these were??)
1953, Jan. 1 (Thurs).
|    [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP begins detailed diary entries with a
|          New Year resolution to be lenient, & a summary of 1952
|          highlights.
1953, Jan. 5 (Mon).
|         *PYP Diary: housework.
1953, January. (for approx. 2 weeks)
|         *PYP visits farm in North Canterbury County as a city
|         girl recommended by her church, East Belt Methodist.
|         *PYP Diary: Records flirtations with older boy and her
|         jealousy of younger, rival girl. Wendy also attends.
1953, Jan. 10 (Sat).
|         *PYP Diary: mustering sheep.
1953, Jan. 14 (Wed).
|         *PYP Diary: diary found by men who leave note in it.

1953, January. (late)
|         *PYP Diary: intends to do well at school.
|         *JMH and PYP worry about upcoming school and are
|         consoled and tutored by Dr HR Hulme. (see
1953, Jan. 31 (Sat).
|         *PYP Diary: HM Parker says they will have 'Training
|         College' boarders. These are Teachers' Training College
|         students, so PYP may not have been intellectually
|         starved at home. Was this the beginning of the
|         boarders?
1953, Feb. 2 (Mon).
|..............Summer holidays end.
          First Term begins. [Beginning of Fourth Form]
          *PYP buys a horse secretly around this time, and hides
          the fact from her family. HD Rieper finds out 3 months
          later, when PYP has difficulty with grazing fees, but
          he relents and allows PYP to keep the horse, thinking
          it will distract her from her friendship with JMH, so
          there is already serious concern about the relationship
          in the Rieper house by April, 1953. HD Rieper testified
          PYP had ridden horses for years.

1953, Feb. 9 (Mon).
          *PYP Diary: boarder Harry arrives.

1953, Feb. 10 (Tues).
          *PYP Diary: boarder Ross and housework.

1953, Feb. 13 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: breakfast for boarder Harry.

          *Disastrous fire at CUC, 4 am, witnessed by Dr HR
          Hulme. Huge loss of facilities, and severe
          inconvenience and hardship for faculty and students
          will last for 5 years. Ignites bitter and public
          controversy about Ilam relocation plans.

1953, Feb. 18 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: boarder Ron arrives.

1953, Feb. 20 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: boarder Ross.

1953, Feb. 22 (Sun).
          *PYP Diary: trip to Brighton beach with Ron, Wendy, HM

1953, Mar. 4 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: enquiries about board, including Frenchman.

1953, Mar. 9 (Mon).
          *PYP Diary: boarder John, homework, "damn."

1953, Mar. 11 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: dinner with Ross, John and Juliet at

1953, Mar. 15 (Sun).
          *PYP Diary: kisses from HM Hulme.

1953, Mar. 18 (Wed).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: genius.

1953, Mar. 20 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: Lancaster Park for school sports day and
          writing poetry together instead of watching games.

1953, April.
          *HM Hulme re-elected as Vice-President of Christchurch
          Marriage Guidance Council.

1953, April 3 (Fri) - 6 (Mon). (Easter holidays)
|    [*]  *Hulmes holiday with PYP at Port Levy during this
|         period. Port Levy makes a profound impression on PYP.
1953, April 3 (Fri). (Good Friday)
|    [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP and JMH find key to "Fourth World" in
|         their "Port Levy Revelation."
1953, April 4 (Sat).
|         *PYP Diary: Gianina, Nicholas die under crashing hooves
|         of Vendetta.
1953, April 6 (Mon). (Easter Monday)
|    [*]  *PYP Diary: HEAVENLY time, HM Hulme does hair, calls
|         PYP her "foster daughter."
|..............Easter holidays end.

1953, April 18 (Sat).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: nocturnal activities in Ilam gardens.

1953, April 23 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: HM Hulme says she wishes PYP were her
          daughter, too.

1953, May 3 (Sun).
               First Term [Fourth Form] ends.
..........May holidays begin.
|         *HM Hulme visits Riepers. HM Parker proposes JMH stay
|         with them while Hulmes are abroad on their upcoming
|         trip to the UK. Friendship ... and board money? The
|         Riepers were already worried about the relationship,
|         so why invite JMH into their home? To keep an eye on
|         things? To exert some control?
1952, May 4 (Mon) - 9 (Sat).
|         *CUC "Capping Festival Week" celebrations and
|         bacchanalia.
1953, May 15 (Fri).
|         *PYP Diary: Juliet diagnosed with TB.
1953, May 16 (Sat).
|    [*]  *PYP Diary: wretched night, wishes to get TB, too.
1952, May 18 (Mon).
|..............May Holidays end.
          Second Term [Fourth Form] begins.

1953, May 21 (Thurs).
     [*]  *JMH is confined to Cashmere Sanatorium with TB for
          nearly four months (will miss end of Second and all of
          Third school term, 1/3 of Fourth Form in all. Never
          again returns to school. Will never attend University.
          All told, JMH attends CGHS for less than 3 terms... yet
          it makes an indellible impression on her. See

1953, May (late).
          *PYP Diary: brainwave!--write letters with Juliet.

1953, May 23 (Sat).
          *HM Hulme, Wendy attend 'Christchurch Competitions.'

1953, May 26 (Tues).
          *PYP 15th birthday.

1953, May 28 (Thurs).
     [*]  *Dr HR Hulme & HM Hulme leave for travels abroad (UK).
          Officially, Dr HR Hulme is to attend 1953 Congress of
          the Association of Universities of the British
          Commonwealth. In fact, it is also a hunt for a senior-
          level job for Dr HR Hulme. There is evidence he does
          not secure a job offer during the trip. HM Hulme
          testifies JMH sends them only 1 short note while they
          are away. [note: My speculation was always that this
          was a senior-position job hunt by Dr HR Hulme, probably
          for a senior academic position at Cambridge, hence
          essential that HM Hulme attend as 'wife-of-the-
          applicant-and-potential-mistress-of-the-college'. Job
          hunt at urging of small group of University Council now
          confirmed. Dr HR Hulme is by now very unpopular at CUC
          [ad]. Also, HM Hulme may have suspected Dr HR Hulme of
          extra-marital activities, according to published
          rumour, and may have wanted to keep an eye on him. The
          lingering Coronation festivities may have also figured
          in HM Hulme's desire to go along, though they would
          have missed the actual event. No doubt HM Hulme could
          also visit friends and family; the Hulmes have been
          away from 'home' for nearly 5 years by this point. G&L
          list this trip simply as a "holiday," not mentioning
          the job hunt and completely missing the point, I think.
          What was done with Jonathon? Knowing the arrangements
          for him would be very informative. jp]

1953, May 29 (Fri).
          *Mr Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand beekeeper, and Sherpa
          Tensing Norkey conquor the summit of Mount Everest in
          the Himalayas for the first time.

          *PYP Diary: PYP complimented on her 'Oxford' accent.

1953, June 2 (Tues).
          *News of the conquest of Everest reaches the world.

          *Coronation of Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey.

          *Hillary knighted and Tensing awarded George medal.

1953, June 12 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: School trip to see film "A Queen is
          Crowned." PYP Unimpressed.

1953, June 14 (Sun).
          *PYP Diary: create new religion with JMH.

1953, June (late).
          *PYP sneaking out to meet Ceylonese CUC exchange
          students. JMH also said to be very interested in these
          students because they were exotic and, given the
          prestige of the program and the rigorous selection
          process, very intelligent and accomplished.

1953, July 2 (Thurs).
          *WAB (Bill) Perry arrives in NZ.

1953, July.
          *PYP goes to bed with one Ceylonese student.

     [*]  *PYP goes to bed with 'Nicholas.' H Rieper catches him
          in her bed. He is thrown out of Rieper house.

1953, Aug. 9 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: visit Juliet in the Sanatorium.

1953, Aug. 16 (Sun).
               Second Term [Fourth Form] ends.
..........August holidays begin.
|         *PYP sneaks out to see Nicholas repeatedly.
1953, Aug. 20 (Thurs).
|         *USSR explodes its first thermonuclear H-bomb.
|         Cold War escalates sharply.
1953, Aug. 30 (Sun).
|    [*]  *Hulmes return from travels abroad.
|         *PYP Diary: HM Hulme gives presents to PYP and HM
|         Parker.
|         *HM Parker has become very concerned about relationship
|         between PYP and JMH during period Hulmes abroad, and
|         tells HM Hulme of her grave concerns. HM Hulme
|         testifies that she herself noticed on her return that
|         the only thing important to JMH now was her
|         relationship with PYP, and that JMH seems to ignore
|         her.
1953, Sept. 7 (Mon).
|..............August holidays end.
          Third Term [Fourth Form] begins.

1953, Sept. 9 (Wed)
     [*]  *JMH is released from TB sanatorium 'uncured,' on the
          understanding HM Hulme will nurse her at home.

          *JMH will not return to school 'due to continuing
          illness.' She recovers at Ilam, with PYP's
          progressively more constant companionship.

          *PYP Diary: Juliet's return wonderful. PYP believes she
          could fall in love with Juliet.

1953, Sept.
          *PYP still sneaking out to see Nicholas, to 4-5 a.m.

          *PYP and Nicholas attempt to have sex but stop as it
          is too painful for PYP.

1953, Oct. 8 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: PYP & JMH continue relationship unmolested.

1953, Oct. (soon after 8th)
     [*]  *PYP and Nicholas have sex in his rooms. PYP states to
          Medlicott: "It wasn't for me, I wasn't interested."

1953, Oct. 20 (Tues).
          *Boistrous public meeting critical of CUC Ilam
          relocation plan, widely reported in Christchurch press.

1953, Oct. 28 (Wed).
          *JMH 15th birthday.

          *PYP Diary: PYP informs Nicholas she is no longer very
          much in love with him.

1953, Nov. 2 (Mon).
          *PYP Diary: PYP depressed & contemplates suicide.

1953, Nov. 4 (Wed).
          *NZ Parliament discusses CUC Ilam relocation plans for
          a whole hour... flap caused in Christchurch is large.

1953, Nov.
          *PYP continues to see Nicholas, talking frequently
          through the night with him.

1953, Nov. 28 (Sat).
          *PYP Diary: planning Diello's Coronation.

1953, Dec. 9 (Wed).
          *Dr HR Hulme consults Dr FO Bennett about girls'
          relationship. JMH will not be examined by Dr Bennett.

          *HD Rieper testified that Dr HR Hulme came to advise HM
          Parker at her request concerning JMH and PYP's
          relationship. Dr HR Hulme's consultation with Dr
          Bennett could have been instigated by HM Parker's
          request and followed by a visit with HM Parker to
          discuss the relationship and what to do about it.

          *HM Hulme testified that she advised HM Parker to seek
          medical advice for PYP because HM Parker had expressed
          concern to her about PYP's loss of weight and about her
          relationship with JMH.

1953, Dec. 10 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: Diello's Coronation is tomorrow.

1953, Dec. 11 (Fri).
          *JMH and PYP crown Diello King of Borovnia in elaborate
          Coronation ceremony.

          *JMH & PYP change their names to Deborah and Gina now?
          see SMH 24/8/54, HM Hulme's testimony.

1953, Dec. 14 (Mon).
     [*]  *HM Parker takes PYP to be examined by Dr FO Bennett.
          Result of this examination is threat by HM Parker to
          forbid PYP seeing JMH 'unless PYP's health improves.'

          *PYP Diary: saw Nicholas, then Mother carted her off to
          see a doctor, then saw "Pandora and the Flying

1953, Dec. 20 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP depressed by HM Parker's threat of
          permanent separation from JMH and considers suicide.

1953, Dec. 21 (Mon).
               Third Term ends. [End of Fourth Form]
..........Summer holidays begin. (sad and stressful this year.)
|         *PYP and JMH are separated by their parents. HM Parker
|         obviously prime instigator of separation, but Hulmes
|         also didn't want PYP around for Royal tour???
|         PYP apparently complies, according to diary, for all of
|         Summer Holidays. She will not see JMH until end of Jan.
1953, Dec. 23 (Wed).
|         *H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. the Duke of
|         Edinburgh arrive in NZ on Royal tour of Australasia.
1953, Dec. 24 (Thurs).
|         *PYP Diary: not feeling Christmassy.
1953, Dec. (around Christmas)
|         *WAB Perry moves into Ilam with Hulmes. He testifies he
|         had a separate flat, with his own housekeeper.
1954, Jan. 1 (Fri).
|    [*]  *PYP Diary: New Year's resolution: eat drink, be merry,
|         for tomorrow you may be dead.
1954, Jan. 2 (Sat).
|         *PYP Diary: the joy of housework.
1954, Jan. 10 (Sun).
|         *PYP Diary: day trip to Coes Ford, a popular crossing
|         of Selwyn River, with swimming, picnic and camping
|         south-west of Christchurch. [lw,he]
1954, Jan. 12 (Tues).
|         *PYP Diary: prospective boarder treats PYP like maid.
1954, Jan. 15 (Fri).
|         *PYP Diary: trip to river with Val.
1954, Jan. 18 (Mon).
|         *H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. the Duke of
|         Edinburgh arrive in Christchurch, NZ.
|         *According to trial testimony, niether JMH nor PYP take
|         any interest in the Royal visit (!!noted with 
|         incredulity!! during the trial, but not quite correct).
1954, Jan. 19 (Tues).
|         *PYP Diary: notes 'everyone' dashing to see the Queen.
1954, Jan. 20 (Wed).
|         *H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. the Duke of
|         Edinburgh attend evensong at Christchurch Cathedral.
1954, Jan. 21 (Thurs).
|         *H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. the Duke of
|         Edinburgh leave Christchurch for Ashburton, NZ.
1954, Jan. 23 (Sat).
|         *PYP finally allowed to see JMH again.
1954, Jan. 25 (Mon).
|         *PYP Diary: fearsome lecture from Mother over nothing.
1954, Jan. 28 (Thurs).
|         *PYP Diary: grapes and prostitutes.
1954, Jan. 29 (Fri).
|         *PYP Diary: musings about prostitution as way of making
|         money; worked out a whole new family for their future.
1954, Feb. 1 (Mon).
|..............Summer holidays end.
          First Term begins. [Beginning of Fifth Form]

1954, Feb. 6 (Sat).
          *PYP Diary: celebrated 'Him's Day' in glittering black
          and went through 'Saints day ritual.'

1954, Feb. 13 (Sat).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: wishes death for HM Parker & HD Rieper.

          [note: There is also an important clue in this entry
          that HM Hulme is now the target of malicious gossip by
          HM Parker. jp]

1954, Feb. 21 (Sun).
          *PYP Diary: PYP complimented on her 'English' accent.

1954, Feb. 28 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: first mention of 'Hollywood' plan.

1954, March.
          *HM Hulme re-elected as Vice-President of Christchurch
          Marriage Guidance Council.

1954, March 1 (Mon) or 2 (Tues).
          *Dr HR Hulme is asked in writing by his colleagues to
          resign as Rector after Professorial Board debate,
          nominally about a technical impropriety in
          communicating a Prof Board report on building to CUC
          Coucil. [sb,ad]

1954, Mar. 4 (Thurs).
          *Dr HR Hulme tenders his official resignation as Rector
          of Canterbury University College.

          *Soon after this, the "First Plan" was formulated by Dr
          HR Hulme and HM Hulme (and probably WAB Perry). HM
          Hulme testified this plan was for Dr HR Hulme to return
          to the UK alone, leaving both children with her through
          the English winter, for the sake of JMH's health. She
          testified that she and the children were to rejoin Dr
          HR Hulme after the winter had passed.
               This is probably the 'official' version of the
          "First Plan." The reasons given were probably [note: my
          speculation. jp] pure fiction for the courts and
          newspapers. It is very doubtful HM Hulme planned to
          rejoin Dr HR Hulme with the children, and it is quite
          possible Dr HR Hulme had decided to leave the whole
          mess behind him at this stage, coming so soon after the
          undeniable reality of his resignation letter. WAB Perry
          testified that Dr HR Hulme was well aware of his having
          fallen in love with HM Hulme because there had been no

          *Around this time JMH asks WAB Perry to sell her horse
          for her. He testified he bought it from her for  50
          [pounds] but did not know at the time why JMH wanted to
          sell it.

1954, Mar. 14 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: HM Parker says she won't keep PYP in

1954, Mar. 19 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: "Stew" and HM Hulme intercede to try and
          keep PYP in school.

1954, Mar. 31 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: sneers at ignorance of her family circle.

1954, April 6 (Tues).
          *PYP Diary: jingles in bed with JMH.

1954, April 7 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: glee at having a light-fingered scapegoat.

          [note: This was probably WAB Perry's housekeeper. WAB
          Perry testified that his housekeeper had left Ilam
          around the middle of April, before Easter... probably
          fired when valuables started to disappear from Ilam,
          since PYP and JMH's petty thievery was noted in the
          trial. And, also, letting the housekeeper go would mean
          that WAB Perry would become alone in his flat at Ilam.
          Michaelanne Forster may have patterned her fictional
          housekeeper Bridget O'Malley, in "Daughters of Heaven,"
          on these kinds of speculations. See 6.1. jp]

1954, April 10 (Sat).
          *PYP Diary: HM Parker goes to see Miss Stewart.

1954, April 11 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: "we are so brilliantly clever..."

1954, April 13 (Tues).
          *PYP Diary: row [argument] with Wendy.

1954, April 15 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: JMH and PYP read their books to each other.

1954, April 16 (Fri). (Good Friday)
..........Easter holidays begin.
|         *PYP spends Easter Holidys at Ilam, according to
|         HD Rieper's testimony.
|         *PYP Diary: singing and turning into a male.
1954, April 17 (Sat).
|         *PYP Diary: sneaking into Mr Perry's flat, then rowdy
|         behaviour, Ten Commandments listed to be broken.
|         [note: The timing of this, and HM Hulme's reaction, are
|         very suggestive of WAB Perry's housekeeper having been
|         let go immediately prior, and JMH sneaking around in
|         WAB Perry's now-more-vacant flat to pry and snoop. She
|         may have suspected her mother and WAB Perry of having
|         an affair, and may have been looking for evidence.
|         Previous analysis (and the trial) put most emphasis
|         on the 'Ten Commandments' aspect. jp]
1954, April 19 (Mon). (Easter Monday)
|..............Easter holidays end.

1954, April 21 (Wed).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP starts vocational training at Digby's
          Commercial College after unsuccessful job search with
          'the Airways'. [sb]

1954, April 22 (Thurs).
     [*]  *JMH catches HM Hulme and WAB Perry in flagrante in his
          flat [note: Both HM Hulme and WAB Perry denied this at
          trial, providing an alternative story. jp]

     [*]  *JMH lets slip to her mother the plans for JMH and PYP
          to go to America, without giving her a detailed
          explanation. WAB Perry gives JMH  100 [pounds] "for
          permits" to travel abroad. [note: Discussed at length
          and interpreted in the trial as JMH blackmailing WAB
          Perry. Blackmail denied by WAB Perry. jp]

1954, April 23 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: Tosca, then account of HM Hulme & WAB Perry
          being caught in flagrante by JMH late night 22nd (2am

          *HM Hulme informs Dr HR Hulme: a) JMH knows of HM Hulme
          and WAB Perry being in love, b) JMH and PYP are
          planning to go to America together. [note: I believe it
          is JMH accidentally disclosing the plans for America
          which is pivotal, judging by trial testimony, comments
          and coming events. I suspect HM Hulme seized upon those
          plans as a way to deflect Dr HR Hulme's anger, and
          shift the focus of attention, concern and blame to JMH.

1954, April 24 (Sat).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: Dr HR Hulme discusses with PYP and JMH
          their plans to go to America. "...what is to be the
          future now?"

          [note: I believe Dr HR Hulme was collecting information
          to check HM Hulme's story and because he needed data to
          make decisions. I believe he told JMH and PYP that
          their plans weren't realistic and he probably tried to
          reason with JMH and PYP to discourage them from
          following through on their plans. I doubt he took any
          of their plans in any way seriously, but he probably
          viewed the plans as being symptomatic of a serious
          problem--a spanner in the works. He may have told PYP
          and JMH of his resignation at this time; he may not
          have. Regardless, I believe he told them that there may
          have been travel plans in the air, offering them a
          number of possible, nebulous scenarios as alternatives
          to their own "travel to America" plans, to stall for
          time, without committing himself to any course of
          action. I don't believe he told them of plans for
               Dr HR Hulme is beginning to believe that the
          "First Plan" of retreat is not viable; I can imagine he
          is now getting very angry with HM Hulme for placing yet
          another problem in his path. I believe he starts to
          have grave doubts about HM Hulme's ability to cope with
          JMH, if she is going to be a 'problem,' and he
          questions the wisdom of leaving the children behind
          with her. He does not yet have enough data to formulate
          a "Second Plan" and he also may need confirmation that
          the 'problem' he perceives with JMH is a real one,
          needing to be dealt with, or not. I believe he
          discloses none of these thoughts to HM Hulme at this
          point in time. jp]

1954, April 25 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: divorce! --sympathy, soaring, plunging,
          vowing to "stick together."

          [note: Finally, the subject of divorce is broached
          after another whole day of thought and planning by Dr
          HR Hulme. The situation is played out as a sad tragedy
          by the adults, evoking tremendous sympathy from PYP,
          not blame or anger, and extreme uneasiness at the
          uncertainty of it all. jp]

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