7.3.2 Timeline of important events.

Part 2 of 2

1954, April 28 (Wed).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: 'Digby's,' JMH @ PYP's, girls bathe
          together, PYP felt suicidal, writes of PYP's desire to
          "rid myself of this obstacle"--HM Parker--for first

1954, April 29 (Thurs).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP states JMH not told of PYP's plans for
          removing HM Parker.

1954, April 30 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: first mention of telling JMH about
          "intentions" regarding Mother.

          [note: I think the date of this entry is an extremely
          important error in trial transcripts, stated there to
          be April 13. The Press and G&L give April 30. jp]

1954, May 1 (Sat).
          *PYP Diary: HM Hulme's "lovely remark"--"Won't it be
          wonderful when we are all back in England, Gina." PYP
          and JMH don't sleep together fearing Dr HR Hulme
          catching them.

          [note: An absolutely key entry for many reasons,
          including the way it shows that Dr HM Hulme has not yet
          finished formulating the "Second Plan" nor has he told
          HM Hulme of it. She would not have made such a remark
          if she had known of the "Second Plan." I believe this
          is also her way of "putting the plans for America out
          of their heads" which HM Hulme had testified to doing.
               In addition, it also shows that Dr HR Hulme was
          collecting data on the girls' relationship. They had
          obviously noticed his increased/renewed awareness of
          their actions and behaviour over the last week. jp]

1954, May 2 (Sun).
               First Term [Fifth Form] ends.
..........May holiday begins.
1952, May 3 (Mon) - 8 (Sat).
|         *CUC "Capping Festival Week" celebrations and
|         bacchanalia.
1954, May 6 (Thurs).
|         *PYP Diary: gloriously happy, love our new fianc‚s.
1954, May 8 (Sat).
|         *Dr HR Hulme again consults Dr Bennett about girls'
|         relationship. This is exactly 8 weeks prior to the
|         planned date of departure of Dr HR Hulme and his
|         children according to the "Second Plan."
|         [note: This consultation came after a whole week of
|         Dr HR Hulme weighing his choices, and his making
|         observations of PYP and JMH, and of HM Hulme and WAB
|         Perry. I believe there was disagreement among adults
|         over the need for a "Second Plan." I believe Dr FO
|         Bennett told Dr HR Hulme essentially what was in his
|         later testimony, namely that PYP and JMH's relationship
|         had become overtly homosexual. Given standard medical
|         opinion and practise of the day, Dr FO Bennett probably
|         advised in favour of active intervention, to 'reverse'
|         or 'stave off' JMH becoming irreversibly homosexual.
|         I believe it was Dr FO Bennett, in this consultation,
|         who convinced Dr HR Hulme of the need for separating
|         JMH from PYP immediately. And this was when Dr HR Hulme
|         enlisted Dr FO Bennett as an ally.
|              This was when Dr HR Hulme committed himself to the
|         "Second Plan." The "Second Plan" was to abandon HM
|         Hulme and WAB Perry to their own devices, and to take
|         custody of Jonathon, and to deliver JMH to South Africa
|         to stay with an aunt (Ina?).
|              It cannot be coincidence that this is exactly 8
|         weeks before the planned departure date. I propose that
|         Dr HR Hulme bought his passage on May 8. It was
|         probably necessary for him to book all tickets or pay
|         a financial penalty he could not afford. This was the
|         decision he had to make on May 8, 1954: purchase one
|         passage home to England, or three?
|              According to conventional medical wisdom at the
|         time, lesbianism was caused by an overly-close
|         association between a daughter and her mother [see
|         G&L], and this could have been used to justify the
|         "Second Plan" had there been argument from HM Hulme. No
|         doubt, Dr HR Hulme also used the threat of 'adultery'
|         on the divorce petition, and the threat of publicity
|         and courtroom proof of HM Hulme as an 'unfit mother' to
|         secure the release of Jonathon to his care. At this
|         point Dr HR Hulme had absolutely nothing to lose, which
|         probably made him seem desperate and 'dangerous' and
|         not worth taking on, to WAB Perry and HM Hulme.
|              It is also possible that HM Hulme and WAB Perry
|         did not fight too hard to retain custody of JMH and
|         Jonathon. jp]
1954, May.
|         *HM Hulme resigns from Christchurch Marriage Guidance
|         Council. [note: G&L report that Council was stunned,
|         so this may have been a pre-emptive resignation, or
|         the statement historical revisionism. G&L also mention
|         that Council didn't recover from the scandal of HM
|         Hulme for years; she managed to break nearly all
|         charter principles of the Council in her private life
|         over a very short period of time. The Council still
|         distances itself from her. jp]
1954, May ("Around time PYP staying at Ilam after Easter").
|         *HD Rieper gave confusing and inconsistent testimony
|         about the following critical events and especially the
|         timing of them, indicating he was probably out of the
|         decision-making loop. It appears as if he may have
|         been 'concerned' or even annoyed by PYP's behaviour,
|         but it also seems clear he didn't really perceive a
|         crisis condition--he just didn't pay close attention.
|              Clearly, HM Parker got in touch with Dr HR Hulme
|         again, with new concerns about PYP and JMH's
|         relationship (HD Rieper's testimony was consistent
|         about this). Clearly, she was told by Dr HR Hulme
|         that he would be leaving NZ with JMH in a matter of
|         weeks (the date of the conversation and length of time
|         to departure were the most inconsistent parts of HD
|         Rieper's testimony). And, clearly, it was HM Parker
|         who made the decision to allow PYP "to see as much of
|         Juliet as she desired, pending her departure."
|         [note: Why did HM Parker approach Dr HR Hulme again?
|         I think it is possible the Dr FO Bennett may have
|         contacted HM Parker again after Dr HR Hulme's
|         consultation, to convince/confirm for her the
|         seriousness of the situation and to suggest she discuss
|         the matter with Dr HR Hulme.
|              When are JMH and PYP told of the "Second Plan?"
|         This is such a critical question, but there is no clear
|         answer. The diary record is, unfortunately, incomplete
|         through most of May. I suspect that the "Second Plan"
|         was fully discussed between Dr HR Hulme, HM Hulme and
|         WAB Perry late in the first week of May, and Dr FO
|         Bennett was consulted as "the final word"--he knew both
|         Hulmes independently and well. The Riepers were
|         probably called by Dr FO Bennett on May 8, and HM
|         Parker probably called Dr HR Hulme the next day, Sunday
|         May 9, HD Rieper's day off. JMH and PYP were probably
|         informed simultaneously by their respective parents on
|         the Sunday night, May 9, or very soon thereafter.
|              HM Hulme testified that JMH pleaded for PYP to be
|         taken to South Africa with her. HM Hulme also testified
|         that both families spent some time explaining to both
|         girls that PYP could not possibly accompany JMH. There
|         are no published diary records to support or refute
|         these statements. jp]
1954, May 17 (Mon).
|..............May Holiday ends.
          Second Term [Fifth Form] would have begun.

1954, May 23 (Sun).
          *PYP Diary: Mr Perry taken ill, PYP worried that his
          death would "spoil everything."

          [note: A fascinating entry, interpreted in trial as
          indicating PYP and JMH were worried about losing WAB
          Perry as blackmail victim. WAB Perry discounted this,
          again stating there was nothing to be blackmailed
          about. I agree.
               More likely is that JMH and PYP have modified
          their 'escape plans.' I propose that the "Hollywood"
          plan has been abandoned and PYP and JMH are now
          planning to meet in South Africa; JMH will accompany Dr
          HM Hulme and her brother, while PYP will fly and meet
          JMH there. This makes Dr HR Hulme the agent of their
          staying together and PYP's salvation from her parents.
               PYP and JMH logic: If WAB Perry had died then JMH
          would have probably had to stay with HM Hulme, not go
          to South Africa. PYP can only be with JMH if they leave
          Christchurch; to stay meant PYP staying with her
          parents, and being subject to their control. jp]

1954, May 26 (Wed).
          *PYP 16th birthday.

1954, May 27 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: thwarted robbery of safe.

1954, May 29 (Sat).
          *PYP Diary: Saints' anatomies.

1954, June 3 (Thurs).
          *Official farewell ceremony for Dr HR Hulme as Rector
          of Canterbury University College in College Hall.

          *PYP Diary: wonderful photo of Dr Hulme.

1954, June 6 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP & JMH are 'mad.' So is Dr Hulme.

          *In the coming week, JMH will ask WAB Perry about the
          air fare to South Africa. He replies it is about  150
          [pounds]. She replies "good" because they already have
          about  100 [pounds]. [WAB Perry testimony]

1954, June 7 (Mon).
          *PYP Diary: discussion of Saints' having sex while

1954, June 8 (Tues).
          *PYP Diary: telepathy in dreams.

1954, June 9 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: 'Digby's' then disagreement with HM Parker.

1954, June 10 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: sex education and felt close to Deborah.

1954, June 11 (Fri).
     [*]  *PYP begins 'last visit' with JMH @ Hulme residence
          (Ilam), with HM Parker's blessing, for 10 days before
          planned JMH departure for South Africa. [HD Rieper

     [*]  *PYP Diary: trip to cinema to see 'IT,' 'enacting
          Saints making love' with JMH.

1954, June 12 (Sat).
          *Departure date for Dr HR Hulme and children confirmed
          and "set" for exactly 3 weeks from today, according to
          HM Hulme testimony.

          *PYP Diary: spent night hectically.

1954, June 13 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: hectic night going through the Saints,      
          discovering Bliss and Sin.

1954, June 14 (Mon).
          *PYP Diary: discussed spicy ideas and spent a glorious
          Saintly day.

1954, June 15 (Tues).
          *PYP Diary: beautiful dreams of Port Levy.

          *HM Hulme spends day at Port Levy--object of much
          confusing testimony and cross-examination during trial,
          with Crown Prosecutor Brown probably trying to get HM
          Hulme to admit that she and WAB Perry used Port Levy as
          a 'love nest' all this time.

1954, June 16 (Wed).
          *PYP Diary: hectic night going through the Saints until
          5:30 a.m.

1954, June 17 (Thurs).
          *PYP Diary: didn't misbehave.

1954, June 18 (Fri).
          *PYP Diary: planned our moiders in our operas.

1954, June 19 (Sat).
     [*]  *PYP Diary: HM Parker moider planned with JMH @ Ilam,
          and had a simply wonderful time in every posible way.

1954, June 20 (Sun).
     [*]  *PYP leaves Ilam. Driven by HD Rieper with the Rieper
          family to visit Rosemary Parker at Templeton Farm. (see

     [*]  *PYP Diary: moider plans discussed with JMH @ Ilam.

1954, June 21 (Mon).
          *PYP tells HM Parker she will start a new job on
          following Monday 28th. PYP proposes a trip to Victoria
          Park to celebrate, and proposes JMH to come with them.
          HM Parker agrees, and tells HD Rieper of these things.
          [HD Rieper testimony]

          *JMH gets phone call from PYP inviting her to Victoria
          Park. [HM Hulme and WAB Perry testimony--probably
          trying to implicate PYP as instigator, in the trial.
          PYP diary stated JMH called PYP.]

     [*]  *PYP Diary: PYP back home, rose late, helped HM Parker,
          details of chosen murder method given. Excitement and
          anticipation. Murder tomorrow.

1954, June 22 (Tues).
[*]       *PYP Diary: "The Day of The Happy Event."
[*] 10:30 *JMH collects half-brick from a pile beside Ilam
          garage. She is driven downtown by HR Hulme, dropped off
          at Beaths Store, on Cashel St, just east of Colombo St,
          one block south of Cathedral Square, for "personal"
          shopping. HM Hulme describes JMH as happy, calm and
          affectionate that morning.
[*] 11:00 *JMH arrives @ Riepers with half-brick. Chat with HM
          Parker in kitchen. Went up to PYP's room where PYP
          placed half-brick in stocking, knotting it. PYP placed
          weapon into school shoulder bag. JMH had pink stone in
          her pocket, taken from a brooch.
[*] 11:45 *HD Rieper arrives home and works in garden.
[*]  Noon *Lunch, a happy affair, with laughing, jokes. PYP, JMH,
          HD Rieper, HM Parker, Wendy Parker. HD Rieper and Wendy
          return to work after lunch, leaving HM Parker, JMH and
          PYP to clean up.
[*]  1:30 *HM Parker, JMH and PYP leave house for Cathedral
          Square where they catch #2 bus to The Tahake, Victoria
          Park Terminus in Cashmere Hills.
[*]  2:35 *JMH, PYP, HM Parker arrive @ The Tahake, Victoria Park
          Terminus. Walk uphill to the Tea Kiosk. HM Parker had
          tea, JMH and PYP had soft drinks (one lemon, one
          orange). All ate cakes and scones. Chatted to Agnes
          Ritchie. Two other customers.
[*]  3:05 *HM Parker, PYP and JMH leave tea kiosk, enter the Park
          through a gap in stone wall and set off on a steep
[*]  3:20 *(approx). 420 yards along they cross a small wooden
          bridge. JMH drops stone. The three turn back after a
          few more metres. PYP points out pink stone to HM
          Parker. Murder of Honora Mary Parker by PYP and JMH.
[*]  3:30 *Agnes Ritchie states PYP and JMH arrive at kiosk with
          bloodsoaked clothing, white-faced and hysterical,
          screaming that HM Parker was hurt and crying for help.
          PYP had blood on face and hands, JMH had much blood on
          her hands.

          *A Ritchie took girls into tea kiosk. Sent a customer
          for Kenneth Ritchie. A Ritchie went to head of path,
          looking for HM Parker but couldn't see her. A Ritchie
          returned to PYP and JMH, asking where accident had
          happened. PYP and JMH beg her not to make them go back.
          *K Ritchie arrived at kiosk. Went with his assistant
          Eric McIlroy down the path to investigate.
          *A Ritchie phoned for doctor and an ambulance. She
          allowed PYP and JMH to wash off blood in servery. PYP
          and JMH both asked for their fathers. A Ritchie phoned
          HD Rieper at Dennis Brothers' Fish Supply, but he was
          not in the shop and she left a message. Then A Ritchie
          phoned HR Hulme, and he said he would come immediately.
          A Ritchie brings PYP and JMH hot tea with much sugar
          and notes PYP gulps down hot tea with no milk,
          oblivious to the temperature and apparently in shock.
          JMH was noted to be talking rapidly and hysterically.
     3:40 *K Ritchie and E McIlroy find HM Parker's body; she is
          obviously dead and not an accidental death because they
          saw the brick nearby. K Ritchie pulled HM Parker's
          dress back down over her legs. E McIlroy left guarding
          the body while K Ritchie returned to kiosk.
     3:45 *K Ritchie reaches kiosk as ambulance arrives. He
          phones police.
     4:00 *HR Hulme arrives at kiosk. He tells A Ritchie to tell
          the police he was taking PYP and JMH to Ilam. HR Hulme
          drives PYP and JMH away from Victoria Park, back to
     4:10 *(approx). Dr D Walker arrived responding to A
          Ritchie's call. Decides to wait for police after
          talking to K Ritchie who tells him of condition of HM
          Parker's body.
     4:20 *Sgt R Hope and Const D Molyneaux arrive after having
          first gone to Victoria Lake instead of Victoria Park. K
          Ritchie took them, Dr Walker and ambulance driver to
          body. Dr Walker confirms HM Parker dead without
          disturbing body. Const Molyneaux ordered to stay at
          scene to ensure no-one approached area or body while
          others return to kiosk. Sgt Hope radios Central Police
          Station in Christchurch from police car.
     5:00 *Senior Det M Brown dispatches DetSgt A Tate and Det G
          Gilles to scene.
     5:00 *(approx). HD Rieper arrives at Victoria Park, driven
          by a friend, having finally received message that HM
          Parker had had an accident and an ambulance had been
          summoned. Upon his arrival, Sgt R Hope questions him
          about his whereabouts that afternoon. HD Rieper not
          taken to HM Parker's body, but told to wait at kiosk,
          where he paces anxiously. HD Rieper prime suspect for a
          short time at this point.
     5:20 *DetSgt A Tate and Det G Gilles arrive with Const AE
          Griffiths. Sgt Hope took them to body. All examined
          body and area thoroughly, noting brick and torn
          stocking. Getting close to sundown and dark.
     6:00 *DetSgt A Tate returned to kiosk and reported back to
          Senior-Det M Brown, who contacted Inspector D McKenzie.
          Tate arranged for coroner, a pathologist and police
          photographer to come to scene.
     7:00 *Inspector McKenzie, Senior-Det Brown join Dr EBE
          Taylor (Coroner), Dr CTB Pearson (pathologist) and WM
          Ramage (police photographer) at Victoria Park. They and
          the other detectives examine body and surroundings,
          working by flashlamp in the dark. Scene and body
          photographed thoroughly. Senior-Det Brown DetSgt Tate
          ordered to interview JMH and PYP. Brown interviewed HD
          Rieper and obtained his permission to interview PYP
          without presence of counsel.

     4:30 *(onward). At Ilam, HM Hulme bathed PYP and JMH,
          treated them for shock, fed them and sent them to bed.
          HM Hulme washed PYP and JMH underclothes. WAB Perry
          took bloodstained outer clothes to Wicks' Drapery, dry
          cleaners in Fendalton Rd.
     8:00 *Senior Det Brown and DetSgt Tate arrive at Ilam.
          Interview HM Hulme, HR Hulme and WAB Perry. Brown and
          Tate, accompanied by HM Hulme, interview PYP, who was
          abed. PYP states HM Parker had fallen. WAB Perry
          invited in half-way through. Brick and stocking
          discussed. PYP makes no incriminating statements.
          *Brown and Tate went downstairs and JMH interviewed in
          a sitting room in presence of HM Hulme, HR Hulme and
          WAB Perry. JMH gives same story as PYP at first. Brown
          said they didn't believe JMH was present at HM Parker's
          death. WAB Perry asked to speak alone with JMH at which
          time he told her to tell the truth. WAB Perry then said
          JMH wished to make a second statement. Tate recorded it
          while Brown interviewed PYP again. JMH second statement
          recorded, indicating she didn't witness accident but
          had turned back after hearing voices to find HM Parker
          lying bloody on ground, did not notice a brick or
          stocking, and she had supported PYP's story.
          *Brown meanwhile returned to PYP's bedroom, alone,
          stated to PYP he thought JMH had not been present, and
          accused PYP of being involved in HM Parker's death. PYP
          agreed to answer questions. Brown recorded PYP's
          statement in form of Q&A in which she admitted killing
          HM Parker but stated JMH not involved, then PYP signed

          *Brown and Tate arrest PYP. Leaving Ilam, they ask her
          about the brick. HM Hulme quickly stated it had not
          been obtained from Ilam. PYP taken to Christchurch
          Central Police Station, a few blocks from her home.

     late *Brown and Tate accompany HD Rieper to Rieper
          residence, where they search PYP's room with his
          permission. Recover 14 exercise books, a scrap book and
          2 diaries. Read final diary entries and take possession
          of the material.
          *Gilles, Hope and Griffiths remove HM Parker's body to
          Christchurch Hospital mortuary where Griffiths removes
          HM Parker's clothing and effects for evidence.
          *PYP left in Tate's office where she writes note. It is
          confiscated and placed in an envelope. PYP spends night
          in police cells.
          *JMH recites poetry at Ilam and sleeps in her mother's
          *strong rumour [G&L and "Daughters of Heaven," mf] has
          frenzy of activity @ Ilam, destroying evidence, i.e.
          burning of JMH diary and writings, removal of bricks.

1954, June 23 (Wed).
          *HD Rieper identifies HM Parker's body, accompanied by
          Det Gilles.
      9am *Inquest into death of HM Parker opened by Coroner EBE
          Taylor, adjourned sine die after evidence of
          identification given by HD Rieper with DetSgt AB Tate
          representing police.
          *Det Gilles recovers PYP and JMH clothing, still
          uncleaned, from Wicks' Drapery.
     10am *PYP, unrepresented by counsel, charged with murder of
          HM Parker on application of DetSgt GW Alty in
          Christchurch Magistrate's Court before Mr RC Abernethy,
          S.M. and remanded to appear on July 1.
          *PYP Returned to Central Police Station and interviewed
          in Tate's office. PYP stated that she would tell truth
          if JMH present. Detectives leave for Ilam, leaving PYP
          in Tate's office. PYP grabs note and tries to burn it
          but it is partially recovered. Later, PYP remanded in
          custody to Paparua Prison, Christchurch, until July 1.
     aft. *Brown and Tate arrive at Ilam. Later, go up to JMH
          bedroom. JMH interrogated again, gives 2nd statement,
          implicating herself in the murder. JMH arrested and
          placed in custody in gaol.

1954, June 24 (Thurs).
          *JMH, represented by TA Gresson, charged with murder of
          HM Parker on application of DetSgt Alty in Christchurch
          Magistrate's Court before Mr R Ferner, S.M. and
          remanded in custody to Paparua Prison, Christchurch to
          appear July 1. Both Dr Hulme and Hilda Hulme are
          *Dr Bennett examines PYP and JMH individually for about
          3/4 - 1 hour each in Police Station.
          *Dr Saville interviews JMH and PYP separately.
          *JMH joins PYP in Paparua Prison. There, they will
          listen to classical music, take long walks together and
          write voluminously. Examined by Dr Medlicott within
          first two or three weeks of arrest, seven hours each.
          *body of HM Parker cremated after a funeral service at
          Bromley Methodist cemetary, Christchurch.

1954, June 27 (Sun).
          *Dr Medlicott interviews JMH separately for 2 1/2 hours
          at Paparua prison. [sb]

1954, June 28 (Mon).
          *Dr Medlicott interviews PYP separately for 1 1/2 hours
          at Paparua prison. [sb]

1954, June 29 (Tues).
          *Dr Hunter interviews PYP and JMH separately.

1954, July 1 (Thurs).
          *JMH, PYP due to be released from custody before trial
          but held over.
          *Dr HR Hulme meets with JMH in Paparua prison to tell
          her he is leaving NZ for England. He stated they met
          for a few minutes and JMH told him, before he kissed
          her goodbye: "I want you to go."

1954, July 3 (Sat).
          *Planned date for Dr HR Hulme and JMH departure for
          England via South Africa, where JMH was to have been
          left with Aunt Ina (see 7.11).
          *Dr HR Hulme and son Jonathon apparently sail on
          schedule [Or around this time, and certainly before
          July 16. Date not yet confirmed. jp] from NZ on the
          liner "Himalaya," bound for London via Capetown and
          Marseilles, where they will disembark and vanish. Dr HR
          Hulme will never return. During the sea voyage, he
          states: "The world will just have to think of me as an
          unnatural father. I cannot say why I decided to leave
          New Zealand at this time. It would involve too many
          people. But there is nothing I can do there just now.
          My only concern now is for my son. I want to spare him
          all I can. I've told him his sister is mentally ill--as
          indeed she is."

1954, July (after Dr HR Hulme's departure)
          *public auction of Hulmes' personal effects held at
          Ilam. Huge attendance of gawkers. [reported NZ Truth 22
          Sept '54. G&L]

1954, July 11 (Sun) and July 12 (Mon).
          *Dr Medlicott interviews PYP and JMH for c. 2-3 hours
          total at Paparua Prison. [sb]

1954, July 12 (Mon).
          *Dr Saville interviews PYP and JMH separately.

1954, July 14 (Wed).
          *Dr Hunter interviews PYP and JMH separately.

1954, July 16 (Fri).
          *PYP & JMH committed for trial at sensational inquest,
          Christchurch Magistrate's Court, where extracts from
          diaries read. Worldwide publicity begins in earnest.
          [PYP & JMH incarcerated at Paparua but PYP transported
          to & from Mt Eden prison in Auckland for exams,
          according to testimony. G&L claim PYP moved to Mt Eden
          at the secret insistence of her own counsel, to see
          what effect there would be upon separation of PYP and
          JMH. sb,jp,G&L]

1954, July 26 (Mon).
          *Dr K Stallworthy examines PYP six occasions between
          now and 19 Aug. at Paparua? or Mt Eden?. (probably JMH
          also, separately; she is interviewed 4 separate times).
          *Dr Saville interviews JMH and PYP separately.
          *Dr Hunter interviews PYP and JMH separately.

1954, July 27 (Tues).
          *Dr K Stallworthy examines PYP at Paparua. (probably
          JMH also, separately).

1954, Aug. 2 (Mon).
          *Dr Hunter examines JMH at Paparua after PYP sent to Mt

1954, Aug. 6 (Fri).
          *Dr Bennett examines JMH at Paparua prison for 1 hour.

1954, Aug. 10 (Tues).
          *Dr HR Hulme and son Jonathon arrive in Marseilles on
          the liner "Himalaya" and disappear from public view.

1954, Aug. 13 (Fri).
          *Dr Saville and Dr Hunter together examine PYP and JMH

1954, Aug. 14 (Sat).
          *Dr Bennett examines PYP at Paparua prison for 1 hour
          (she had been brought back from Mt Eden by this time).

1954, Aug. 15 (Sun).
               Second Term ends.
          August Holidays begin for NZ schools. The trial will
          occur during the school holidays, guaranteeing a large
          crowd of spectators and much local interest.

1954, Aug. 19 (Thurs).
          *Dr K Stallworthy examines PYP at Paparua. (probably
          also JMH, separately). Also 2 more exams for PYP at
          Mount Eden Prison, near Auckland, before trial and 1
          more exam for JMH before trial, unspecified location.
          Total psych exams since murder: PYP = 23, JMH = 20.

1954, Aug. 20 (Fri).
          *Dr Saville and Dr Hunter together examine PYP and JMH

1954, Aug. 23 (Mon).
          *Trial of PYP & JMH begins. Both plead Not Guilty.
          Opening arguments by prosecution. Coroner's report
          read. HM Hulme testifies. HD Rieper testifies. JMH's
          statements read.

1954, Aug. 24 (Tues).
          *Second day of trial. HM Hulme recalled to testify. WAB
          Perry testifies. Close of prosecution case. Opening
          arguments by defense. Insanity plea entered by defense.
          Dr Medlicott testifies for defense.

1954, Aug. 25 (Wed).
          *Third day of trial. Dr Medlicott continues to testify.
          Dr Medlicott brutally cross examined by prosecution.

1954, Aug. 26 (Thurs).
          *Fourth day of trial. Dr Medlicott finishes testifying.
          Dr Bennett testifies for defense. His equivocal &
          confusing testimony eventually summarized by the judge.

1954, Aug. 27 (Fri).
          *Fifth day of trial. Crown calls three expert
          witnesses: Dr Stallworthy, Dr Saville and Dr Hunter.
          They testify that PYP and JMH were legally sane.

1954, Aug. 28 (Sat).
          *Sixth day of trial.
          *Ranfurly Shield rugby match being played in Chch and
          supporters show up for trial in the morning.
          *Final addresses by both counsel. JMH sits with fingers
          plugging her ears during Brown's emotional, vitriolic
          tirade and famous quote.
          *Judge gives summing-up for 1 h 20 min.
   12:10  *All-male jury retires for 2 h 14 min.
    2:53  *HM Hulme sits with her eyes shut, fists clenched as
          the verdict is read. PYP & JMH are found legally sane
          and are convicted of murder of HM Parker. Trial ends.
          *Spectator yells "I object! I protest!" as terms of
          sentence read out. This becomes rallying cry for public
          reaction to sentence. He is ejected from Court.
          *PYP & JMH unemotional, do not look at families as they
          are led away, back to Paparua Prison.
          *From his home, HD Rieper states: "I have nothing to
          say about it."
          *HM Hulme and WAB Perry retreat to Hulmes' Port Levy
          holiday home to escape publicity--evicted from Ilam
          after departure of Dr HR Hulme in July.

1954, Aug. 31 (Tues).
          *ST Barnett: Imprisonment of PYP and JMH was "the most
          complex and difficult custodial problem the penal
          administration has yet faced. ... Hulme is the more
          dominant personality and the leader of the two. She is
          likely to present the greater custodial problem. ...
          Obviously they should be treated equally and my present
          mind is that they should each have an experience of
          Mount Eden." [G&L]

1954, Sept. 1 (Wed).
          *TC Webb: vows that both girls were to have "a taste of
          Mount Eden."
          *PYP & JMH sentenced to imprisonment, to be detained at
          Her Majesty's pleasure in separate institutions. There
          is to be no contact of any sort between them during
          *PYP moved from Paparua Prison, Christchurch, to a
          Borstal north of Wellington, Arohata Women's
               PYP will spend most of her incarceration here,
          some time at Mt Eden and finally back to Paparua.
          Converts to Roman Catholicism. Completes University
          Entrance and most of requirements for BA degree while
          incarcerated. Visited once by HD Rieper. Visited by
          other members of her family once she is transferred
          back to Paparua, near the end of her incarceration.

1954, Sept. 3 (Fri).
          *JMH flown by Air Force plane to Whenuapai, Auckland,
          met by Superintendent Haywood and taken to Auckland
          Prison (Mt Eden), to the women's wing. 
               JMH apparently in solitary confinement for the
          first 3 months. While she was at Mt Eden there were 4
          or 5 hangings. On the one hand, she received a certain
          level of special consideration, on the other she was
          sent there rather than the lower security Borstal where
          PYP was sent because she was considered the "more
          dominant personality and the leader of the two." The
          whole time she was incarcerated, she received no visits
          from any member of her family, and "their
          correspondence with her was infrequent." [sb] JMH will
          spend most of her incarceration at Mt Eden. Tutored
          privately, she completes University Entrance.
          Transferred to Arohata for the final part of her

1954, Sept. 5 (Sun).
          *HM Hulme changes her name to Hilda Marion Perry by
          deed poll in Christchurch. She will go by the name "Mrs
          H Marion Perry" from this point onward. [mf,sb]

1954, Sept. 6 (Mon).
               August holidays end.
          3rd term begins for NZ schools.

1954, Sept. 12 (Sun).
          *HM Perry and WAB Perry leave New Zealand for England.
          Neither will return. In Sydney, WAB Perry tells the
          press: "We firmly believe Juliet is mad. ...Mrs Perry
          is sorry to leave Juliet, but she believes that
          Jonathon now has the greater need of her." [sb] [note:
          Not known who ended up with custody of Jonathon. jp]

1954, Sept. 15 (Wed).
          *Howard League for Penal Reform condemns the Secretary
          of Justice and Minister of Justice's statements about
          subjecting JMH and PYP to "a taste of Mt Eden." The
          intervention of this organization may have had a
          significant influence on JMH (see dedications to Anne
          Perry's novels in section 7.11).

1954, Oct. 28 (Thurs).
          *JMH 16th birthday.

1954, Dec.
          *PYP enrolled in correspondence courses for English,
          French, Latin, Mathematics, Drawing and Design. Later,
          she enrolled for a course in Maori.
          *JMH studied English, Italian and Mathematics. [note:
          Three subjects is traditional in English system of 'A'-
          levels. Also note that Dr HR Hulme was a mathematical
          physicist. jp]

1954, Dec. 10 (Fri).
          *JMH reported to now be remorseful, in press. [sb]
          [note: This would be about the time JMH was released
          from solitary confinement. Statement actually
          substantiated by Anne Perry in '94-'95 interviews. jp]
          *PYP reported to be "trying desperately to find out
          what has happened to" JMH.

1954, Dec. 12 (Sun).
          *PYP reported to have tried to smuggle a letter to JMH.

          *Dr HR Hulme and HM Perry are divorced.
          *WAB Perry and HM Perry marry.
          *Dr HR Hulme (aged 47) marries Margery Ducker, daughter
          of Sir James and Lady Cooper.
          *Dr HR Hulme begins appointment at Aldermaston in UK.

1955, Sept.
          *HD Rieper reluctantly visits PYP but finds the visit

          *Britain successfully tests thermonuclear Hydrogen-bomb
          at Christmas Island in the South Pacific, making it a

          full-fledged, independent nuclear power. Dr HR Hulme is
          a key member of Britain's H-bomb design team. His
          scientific role is roughly equivalent to that of Edward
          Teller's in the US effort.

          *Dr HR Hulme becomes Chief of Nuclear Research at
          Britain's Atomic Weapons Research Establishment,
          Aldermaston, UK.

1959, Dec. 4. (Fri)
          *ST Barnett, now NZ Secretary of State for Justice,
          announces JMH (aged 21) and PYP (aged 21) released in
          that order some weeks earlier from prison and given new
          identities. "Neither girl knows where the other is
          *JMH provided with a Department of Justice escort and
          assistance by the Department to make travel plans. She
          travels to Sydney, Australia then joins HM Perry and
          WAB Perry in the UK. JMH assumes the name Anne Perry
          (revealed '94). Beginning in '79 Anne Perry rejoins the
          public arena as a published author.
          *PYP released on probation, about 2 weeks after JMH has
          left NZ, until '65. PYP provided assistance by Justice
          Department to assume new identity and find employment.
          She leads a closely-supervised but anonymous life under
          terms of her parole. She completes her University
          education and receives her degree. She has no contact
          with any of her family after her release. [G&L]
          *HD Rieper states after learning of his daughter's
          release: "It still doesn't make up for robbing a person
          of their life. It was evil between them that did it.
          Pure evil."

1963, Dec. 11.
          *Department of Justice letter placed in PYP's file,
          noting concern by officials about PYP's lesbian

          *PYP completes her probation and leaves NZ, destination
          unknown. She lives her life as a private citizen out of
          the public arena from this point on.

          *Dr HR Hulme, aged 65, retires from Aldermaston.

1981, May 5.
          *Herbert Rieper dies of pneumonia, Christchurch, NZ,
          aged 92. [sb]

1991, Jan. 8.
          *Henry Rainsford Hulme dies, Basingstoke, England, aged

          *JMH, now known as Anne Perry, lives in Portmahomack
          Scotland, a mile from her mother, now widowed from WAB
          Perry. Ms Perry is a successful author of Victorian

          *Present whereabouts and identity of PYP officially
          unknown, but published reports of rumours put her in
          Auckland, NZ, working in a Christian Bookshop. She has
          continued to lead her life out of the public arena
          since '65.

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