Jean Guerin's inside info

When the film first opened in New-York in November of 1994, the print ad had the same art as the theatrical poster. This was the face of Kate and Melanie in close up with a shot of Sarah Pierse walking through the woods. On opening day, the ad in the New-York Times quoted the entire text of Richard Corliss' Time Magazine review-which obliquely referred to me as a "sexy demon"- a full two weeks before Time printed it!

The following week, however, that walking three-shot was replaced by a picture of a man in a dark hat and coat skulking next to an iron fence. This is not even an image of the film! (It certainly isn't me.)

This image remained for most of the ad campain until the one featuring a shot of Kate with a lace-clad other girl's body "airbrushed" over her (or digitally composited or whatever- it's just not Kate's body nor was she wearing wardrobe for the film...well, maybe Diana Kent's). When the caption cried out "Murder She Wrote!" Entertainment Weekly ran a piece questioning the tastefulness of the campaign.