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Heavenly Music

Lawrence Ladao took the lovely "Pauline and Juliet" theme which appears on the HC soundtrack and transcribed it into both musical notation and a MIDI file. He recently 'upgraded' his work:

It's available in both ZIP and Stuffit formats (requires Stuffit Expander 5.1 or better). Or listen to the MIDI file.

Sound Bites

"We are so brilliantly clever!" (43k WAV).

Pauline's first words to Juliet (34k WAV) .

Juliet: "That's so impressive!" (34k WAV).

Bad Chests and Bone Diseases (85k WAV).

"I'm going to the Fourth World!" (43k WAV).

"I'm so happy to see you!" (43k WAV).

Bennett's Diagnosis: "Homosexuality" (60k WAV).

"For the Good of Your Health" - spoken by...

  1. Hilda Hulme (43k WAV).
  2. Juliet (85k WAV).
  3. Henry Hulme (85k WAV).