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Part the First:
Legend of The “Holy Grail”.

Part the Second:
DVD Raises the Bar.

Part the Third:
Mediocrity So Far.

Part the Fourth:
What You Can Do.

The Crusade is over - thanks to everyone who supported it! Read on to see what all the fuss was about.

Will Miramax let us see the “original cut” of Heavenly Creatures?

The "Heavenly Creatures" that premiered in Wellington, New Zealand in 1993 was approximately 10 minutes longer than that which was later released to the world (and to video). Among the scenes later trimmed were an elegant dinner party at the Hulmes, and a tennis match between Dr. Hulme and Bill Perry, wryly observed by Puline and Juliet. Both scenes add considerable information and subtext. There were also many other cuts and trims which change the film noticeably - right down to the final frame.

To "Heavenly Creatures" fans, this longer version is rather like a Holy Grail - but this is one Grail that definitely exists! In fact, this longer version is the one now available on video in New Zealand and Australia. Unfortunately, that doesn't do those of us in the rest of the world much good.

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