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NEWS: Items owned by Pauline Parker offered for sale. Click here for full story and contact info.

A disturbing character study. A dark comedy. An exhilarating emotional rollercoaster. All these and more accurately describe New Zealand director Peter Jackson's 1994 film, “Heavenly Creatures”, a work that combines meticulously researched facts with imaginative flights of fancy to bring alive the special world Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme created for themselves - one which ultimately led to murder.

Welcome to The Heavenly Creatures Website, the online version of the FAQ for this film. I've taken the original document, researched and assembled by John D. Porter, and given it point-and-click convenience (as well as adding several embellishments and features).

A really frequently asked question...

What happened to Pauline's diary? I'd love to read the whole thing – has it been published somewhere?

The diaries have never been published in their entirety. This is most likely due to the fact that they were (supposedly) destroyed following the trial. On this site you will find an extensive discussion of the content of the diaries as well as a far lengthier collection of quotes from them than are heard in the film. And were they really destroyed?

Here are some of the special features you'll find on this site:

Heavenly Creatures history map. Correspondent Mark Turner assembled this exhaustive custom Google Map showing relevant locations from the lives of key players in the HC story.

Hannah North's Christchurch visit and photos. In March of 2012, this HC fan visited New Zealand and made it to several key HC locations, documenting how they look today.

The Branch. A Christchurch resident who has not seen HC visits Victoria Park and discovers a genuine artifact from the film. Only through random luck does he realize what he has. Story and photos are here.

The “Norasearch” - Until now, Nora Parker, the victim at the center of the Parker/Hulme murder, has remained largely a mystery, with very little known about her life and not even a photograph known to exist. But Andrew Conway of Birmingham, England set about the task of changing that, and turned up some significant new facts. Read the fascinating diary of his “search for Nora”.

The Picture Gallery is full of authentic photos of the real-life people, and related material. It also contains my deluxe "Heavenly Creatures Montage"!

Join the Heavenly Creatures Mailing List for Heavenly information and conversation. We're "desperately keen to sign you up"... so click here to read the signup instructions (written by list creator Bryan Woodworth). Or check out the archive of past highlights.

Miss Waller's Heavenly Quiz is a 20-question drill that will test your knowledge of this film down to the last trivial detail! Fun and challenging for everyone from novices to experts.

Finally, some credit where it's due. The core FAQ content is entirely the work of John Douglas Porter in Berkeley, California. My name is Adam Abrams, and what I did was to take the original text-only FAQ and transform it (through weeks of painstaking, mind-numbing grunt work combined with graphic-design brilliance and HTML flair - modest aren't I?) into the fully HTML-ized version you are now viewing. I did not actually do the research. However, as a die-hard HC fan, I was in touch with JP as he was assembling the FAQ in the summer of '95 and did in fact make some contributions regarding the soundtrack and a "favourite scene", found a few horses, and also found an error or two (!). And of course I've added extra features and sections as outlined above.

If you'd like to download the entire FAQ in a single text-only file, it is available as a zip or stuffit version (each is about 170k). Note, however, that this is the original 1.0 version of the FAQ; it lacks the additional material added in version 2.0, on which this site is based. Still, it's quite extensive in its own right and will make for many hours of off-line reading enjoyment!

Enjoy! And please send any comments to me, Adam Abrams (click here for my email address). I'd love to hear from you. You can also check out my site!

Currently the only scholarly work on the Parker/Hulme case, Parker and Hulme, A Lesbian View is an insightful study. Read about it here.

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