7.7.5 Extract from "Encyclopaedia of Murder."


Wilson, Colin and Pitman, Patricia
"Encyclopaedia of Murder." Pan Books, London, 1961. Reprinted Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading, U.K., 1984. ISBN 0 330 28300 6

Plate 30: (P.A. Reuter Photos Ltd.) Pauline Yvonne Parker, with head bowed, nine months before being accused of murdering her mother. [= Oct. '53. School photo]. A better print of this photo may be found in Gurr and Cox.

pp. 500-501. PARKER, Pauline Yvonne. ...death was due to a fractured skull, and there were forty-five injuries in all; the throat was bruised, as was one finger-- probably the result of attempting to ward off blows.

At their trial...both girls appeared unrepentant. Details were given of their strange relationship. They had written letters to each other, each assuming bizarre identities: Juliet had been, among other things, Charles II, 'Emperor' of Borovvia (sic), and the 'Emperor's' mistress Deborah; Pauline had chosen to be Lancelot Trelawney, a Cornish soldier of fortune. They believed themselves to be geniuses: 'I am apart from the law', Juliet Hulme had said. They continued erotic experiments: '...we enacted how the saints would make love in bed', Pauline Parker had written in the diary. ... Both were released [from prison] in 1958. [date incorrect. jp]

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