7.7 Books with material related to the case.


Bennett, Francis Oswald.
"Hospital on the Avon." North Canterbury Hospital Board, Christchurch, 1962. [G&L]

Bevan-Brown, Charles Maurice.
"Mental Health and Personality Disorder: a selection of essays." Dunford Publications, Christchurch, N.Z. 1961. [jb]
Contains a paper on the Parker-Hulme case, emphasizing social and environmental aspects: "Adolescent Murder." I would really like to get a copy of this chapter. [jp].

Daly, Jennifer M.
"MG Reflecting: a portrait of marriage guidance in New Zealand 1949-1989." New Zealand Marriage Guidance, Wellington, 1990. [G&L]
Contains information on Hilda Hulme and others involved with ChCh Marriage Guidance Council.

Department of Justice, New Zealand.
"Crime in New Zealand." R.E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, NZ 1968. [jp] (see 7.7.1).

Forster, Michaelanne.
"Daughters of Heaven." Victoria University Press, Wellington, NZ 1992. ISBN 0864732406. [jb,mf]
A play about the "Parker Hulme" case. (see 6.1).

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Frame, Janet.
"An Autobiography." George Braziller, New York, 1991. Contains: Vol. 1: To The Is-Land, Vol. 2: An Angel At My Table, Vol. 3: The Envoy From The Mirror City. ISBN 0-8076-1259-6 [jp]
Janet Frame was born in Dunedin and grew up in the South Island of New Zealand. This excellent book gives, indirectly but in an extremely readable fashion, a huge amount of relevant background material for understanding the society and conditions surrounding the "Parker Hulme" case. Ms Frame also experienced, on the receiving end, the psychiatric profession in New Zealand.

Franklin, Charles.
"The World's Worst Murderers: exciting and authentic accounts of the great classics of murder." Oldhams Books, London, 1965. [jb]

Furneaux, Rupert.
"Famous Criminal Cases." Vol II. Roy Publishers, New York, 1955. "The New Zealand Girl Murderers" pp. 33-47. HV6945.F85 [jp,lfr] (see 7.7.2).

Gardner, Muriel.
"The Deadly Innocents: Portraits of Children Who Kill." Hogarth Press, London, 1977. [G&L]

Gardner, W.J., Beardsley, E.T. and Carter, T.E.
"A History of the University of Canterbury, 1873-1973." University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 1973. [G&L]
Contains valuable background information on Dr Henry Hulme and C.U.C. I would like to get hold of this. [jp]

Gaute, J.H.H. and Odell, Robin.
"The Murderers' Who's Who." Optimum Publishing Co. Ltd., Montreal, Canada, 1979. p. 180. ISBN 0-88890-064-3 [dm]
Brief, precise account, with minor speculation as to motive and error as to number of head wounds on victim. References good and included here. [jp]

Glamuzina, Julie and Laurie, Alison J.
"Parker and Hulme: A Lesbian View." New Women's Press, Auckland, NZ, 1991. Accession 25654735. ISBN 0908652542. 214 pp., ill., 22 cm, incl. biblio. and refs. pp. 197-208, index.
The only major scholarly work on the case and invaluable for any serious study. Reissued in late 1995 by: Firebrand Press, 141 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850 ($12.95) [jb]

Green, Jonathon.
"The Directory of Infamy." Mills & Boon, London, 1980. Reprinted in North America: "The Greatest Criminals of All Time. An illustrated compendium of more than 600 great crooks." Stein & Day, N.Y. 1982. ISBN 0-8128-2847-X [jp] (see 7.7.3).

Gribble, Leonard.
"Hallmark of Horror." Long, London, 1973. [dm,G&L]

Gurr, T. and Cox, H.
"Famous Australasian Crimes." Muller, London, 1957. [jb]
This has a rather sensational and error-riddled chapter on the case, but it also has valuable photos of crime scene and PYP diary pages. [jp]

Gurr, T. and Cox, H.H.
"Obsession." Muller, London 1958. [G&L]
A fictionalized pulp best-seller written in the years after the trial.

Hall, Allan.
"Partners in Crime." Blitz Editions, Leicester, 1993. [sb] pp. 43-49. "PARKER & HULME // Their Secret World" (see 7.7.4).

Jones, Frank.
"Murderous Innocents." [se]
Contains a chapter on Parker & Hulme. Well written with some factual errors. [se]

MacKenzie, D.F.
"While We Have Prisons." Methuen Publications, Auckland, 1980. [sb,G&L]
I have also read MacKenzie's "While We Have Prisons," his reminiscences of his time as some sort of social worker at Mt Eden from 1954 through to the 60s, and a couple of other sociological things I found about NZ prisons in the 1950s. MacKenzie only makes a couple of peripheral anonymous comments about JMH, but you get a very good idea of the general conditions and so on. [sb]

Medlicott, Reginald W.
"Paranoia of the Exalted Type in a Setting of Folie a Deux: A Study of Two Adolescent Homicides," in Black and Taylor (eds), "Deviant Behaviour: New Zealand Studies," 1979. [jb]
Direct reproduction of Medlicott's British Journal of Medical Psychiatry article from 1955 (see 7.8.1). [jp]

Moffat, M.J. and Painter, C.
"Revelations: Diaries of Women." Vintage Press, New York, 1975. [G&L]

Morris, Greggory.
"The Kids Next Door: Sons and Daughters Who Kill Their Parents." William Morrow, New York, 1985. [G&L]

Nash, Jay Robert.
"Look for the Woman." M. Evans & Co., New York, 1981. pp. 318-9. ISBN 0-87131-336-7. [dm]
Short, error-filled entry with one amusing misquote of Pauline's diary: "We decided to use a brick in a stocking rather than a handbag" (stet). [jp]

Nicholas, M.
"The World's Wickedest Women." Octopus Books, London, 1984. [G&L]

Packer, Vin.
"The Evil Friendship." Gold Medal, 1958.
"This is the horrifying yet fascinating novel of two teen-age girls whose unnatural love for each other led to an even greater crime - the crime of matricide."[aa]

Rowland, John.
"More Criminal Files." Arco, London, 1958. [dm]

Russ, Johanna.
"How to Supress Women's Writing." The Women's Press Ltd, London, 1983. [G&L]

Schur, E.M.
"Labelling Women Deviant: Gender, Stigma and Social Control." Random House, New York, 1984. [G&L]

Simon, Rita James.
"The Jury and the Defense of Insanity." Little Brown & Co, Boston, 1967. [G&L]

Simon, Rita James.
"Women and Crime." Lexington Books, Massachusetts, 1975. [G&L]

Sinclair, K.
"A History of New Zealand." Penguin Books, Auckland, 1980. [G&L]

Smart, C.
"Women, Crime and Criminology." Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1976. [G&L]

Sparrow, Gerald.
"Queens of Crime." Arthur Barker, London 1973. [jb]

Thomas, W.I.
"The Unadjusted Girl." Harper and Row, New York, 1967. [G&L]

Wilson, Colin and Pitman, Patricia.
"Encyclopaedia of Murder." Pan Books, London, 1961. Reprinted Cox & Wyman Ltd, Reading, U.K., 1984. ISBN 0 330 28300 6 (see 7.7.5) [jp].

Wilson, Patrick.
"Children Who Kill." Joseph, London, 1973. [dm]

Wily, H. Jenner and Stallworthy, K.R.
"Mental Abnormality and the Law." N.M. Peryer Ltd, Christchurch, 1962. [G&L]
Stallworthy was a psychiatric witness for the prosecution in the "Parker Hulme" trial. [jp]

Winslade, W.J. and Ross, J.W.
"The Insanity Plea." Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1983. [G&L]

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