Balsall Heath Swimming Baths photographed the month of Honora's birth.
Moseley and Balsall Heath Institute at the turn of the century. 12 Alcester Road is just tantalisingly obscured by the trees, level with the tram that is approaching in the background.
Looking northwards up Moseley Road towards the city centre circa 1900. This is the immediate opposite view to the one of the Institute above (the photographer has his back to Alcester Road). The Brighton Road Post Office building is still there today with its unusual tower, but the buildings to the right have been replaced by an ugly row of shops. These two photographs, in effect, show the border between Balsall Heath and Moseley.
Moseley 'Village' showing the new electric tram. The tower in the distance is the Fighting Cocks pub. Above the shops to the left, the fifth gable along, is my flat!