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Welcome to the Gallery! My collection features images of the real people portrayed in "Heavenly Creatures", as well as some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos taken during the creation of the film.

The Way They Were - Early pictures of Pauline and Juliet
Where Are They Now? - Hilary and Anne
The Trial - Diary excerpts and news photos
On The Set - Backstage "snaps" of HC
Special Material - Unique odds 'n ends

T H E    W A Y   T H E Y    W E R E

  • A rare photo of her at age 5 with some of her schoolmates.
  • Contemporary newspaper account featuring a prominent picture of 15-year-old Juliet (it has been debated whether this is her "mug shot" - personally I think not).
  • Pauline's mug shot from the NZWW magazine spread (see "P & J Today") - enlarged and "straightened" for greater appreciation.
  • The famous school photo of Pauline and her classmates, taken 9 months before the murder. As with so much else, the recreation of this photo in "Heavenly Creatures" was remarkably accurate.

W H E R E   A R E   T H E Y   N O W?

  • I used to have a photo of the recently rediscovered Pauline Parker as she appeared in the Jan. 1997 issue of NZ Women's Weekly. Unfortunately, the author of this article sent me some rather petulant emails insisting I remove this material (as well as the text of the article). I had no choice but to comply. You can still get the story from this page however. And if you just have to know more... simply email me.
  • Another page from the Women's Weekly, showing Hilary (Pauline), Anne Perry, etc.
  • Anne Perry at her home in Portmahomack, Scotland - 1995.(Photo: Jonathan Player, New York Times)

T H E    T R I A L

O N   T H E   S E T

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