"...it's time to take the Heavenly Creatures Quiz! Sharpen your pencils and refresh your memories, for my Heavenly Quiz will test the depth of your knowledge about this required-viewing film.

"Questions are multiple choice; clicking on your selection will provide the answer, and lead you to the next question.

"There are 20 questions in total. If you wish to leave the test at any time, please raise your hand - or click on any other item in the main menu at left. If you are returning mid-quiz, click the "Question Map" link at the bottom of the page to pick up where you left off.

"At the test's finish, you will be presented with a chart of your correct answers with which to assess your score. And remember - cheating will not be tolerated in my classroom! So no peeking at your classmates' computer screens.

"You may now begin. Good luck!"

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To excel at this test, you need simply to have viewed the film and studied it in every detail.
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