10 Reader Contributions

[aa] I've started this section as a permanent home for the occasional HC-related information, stories, and other contributions from readers of the site – all the stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else but is intriguing enough to merit inclusion on the site.

10.4 Photos of HC locations, 2012

HC Website reader Hannah North had the opportunity to visit Christchurch in May of 2012, and visited the site of the Parker home plus the original boarding house, as well as Ilam and its grounds. She provided us with an essay on her trip plus a great selection of photos! View her contribution here.

10.3 A Legal Analysis

A legal expert and Research Associate at the University of Canterbury, Dr Bruce Harding, has provided the HC Website with a copy of his detailed analysis of the HC case from a legal perspective. Read more.

10.2 The Branch

A local resident of Christchurch, who has never seen HC, goes for a walk in Victoria Park with his dog and unwittingly stumbles upon a unique and very meaningful artifact from the film. Read the story – complete with pictures – here!

10.1 A Wedding at Ilam

These days, the Ilam estate is available for private functions, and Michael and Tessa Smith actually got married there! They were kind enough to share these photos with me. I've included similar views from the film, for comparison.

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