Main Stage Theatre Facilities


Maximum seating is 650, with 340 on the main floor, 10 in 6 boxes, 100 in the loge, and 200 in the balcony. Lesser numbers are available according to the size of pit employed.


Rental of the Pantages Theatre will include use of guest office space on the second floor, including fax, DSL, WiFi, computer, photocopying, telephone, and related services.


Ticketing services will be available onsite, and online.


The lit marquee will be 40’ long, 9’ high, and face on East Hastings. The 100 block East Hastings regularly sees 24,000 vehicles a day, Monday through Friday.


The main stage area is 30’ x 38’, with additional floor space of 900 square feet available if the thrust stage is deployed. Stage left will be 30 feet deep. Stage right is limited.


Pantages titling will be back-of-seat screen in English, French, and Chinese, with a capacity for up to five additional languages, and individual screen addressing.


In the new building next door, on two levels, are located 6 solo artist rooms, 1 large dressing room each for men and women (including showers), a washer and dryer, private storage lockers, and green room.

There are separate areas for sets, props and costumes. These are located at stage level, and in the basement.

Below stage are located private storage lockers, two warm-up rooms, 4 solo artist rooms, a green room, storage space for house chairs and Hamburg Steinway 9’ grand piano, and cross-over space.

The stage door is 30’ high by 15’ feet wide, with direct access off Market Alley behind the theatre.


The pit offers three configurations, and is hydraulically deployed. The standard setting is for approximately 20 players, and 40 feet wide, projecting into the auditorium, and is ordinarily 8’ deep. This depth may be adjusted upwards as required. With the removal and storage of seats below stage, the pit also expands hydraulically to approximately 30 players, and to 40 players.


The tower is 65’ high and offers full flies, 36 pipes rigged to 10,000 pounds, with 240 instruments in place and capacity for an additional 80. 60 instruments are available below the balcony, and two follow spots are available at the top of the balcony.


The present film screen will remain in place, with modular projection plug-ins available below the balcony level.

Tech Booth

50’ wide and 9’ deep, the tech booth is located at the top of the balcony, and will control light, sound, and Internet technologies.

Sound Booth

Located at the rear of the ground floor, the sound booth will be available for recording, film and television.


Light and sound controls will also be operable from a stage manager console Stage Left.


For its first ten years, the Pantages will offer two entrances at two locations: 150 East Hastings, via a new lobby, and 127 East Pender, connecting to the new lobby via a 12-foot wide breezeway already in existence.


For the first three years, every Pantages patron will receive free, secure parking at the Gastown Parkade (367 slots), one block north of East Hastings, or the Chinatown Parkade (950 slots), one block south of East Pender.

Social Housing

The new structure adjoining will also include over 100 units of social / affordable housing, and retail space, still being negotiated with the City and to be operated by a separate non-profit Society.