Then. Kitsilano neighbourhood. Sam and Kate move into their new home in the city. It's actually in “Kits” – at the time, a haven for hippies and their burgeoning subculture. Just the place for a young couple to find a cheap place to stay. (This is near Vine and West 2nd Avenue.) Now. The mountain skyline and bit of Stanley Park are identical, but you can see how far up the hill new housing has crept in North Vancouver. And development and rising housing costs have made Kits less affordable for counterculture types with nothing to their name but a hand-painted VW van.

The 1920's-era apartment building visible just down the hill in the 1972 photo is now obscured by greenery, but it's still there. Here's a closer view.

Then. Aerial view showing the lane just to the right of Sam and Kate's house. Now. The same view today, from the same rooftop where the original shots were filmed. Thirty years of downtown development are evident in the background.
Then. A view of the house used for Sam and Kate's residence. Now. That house was knocked down some years ago (possibly around 1990). In its place? Another condo. I liked the house better...
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